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Mary’s Message of Fatima

Message of Mary of Fatima given to Lucy, the 13th of October 1917

The Holy Virgin Mary appeared in Fatima (Portugal) 6 successive times, from the 13th of May 1917 till the 13th of October 1917 to three shepherds: Lucy dos Santos (11 years old), and her cousins Giacinta (8 years old) and Francesco (11 years old). The Virgin Mary revealed to them three secrets, the first of which concerns a vision of hell, and the second on the consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Mary’s message of Fatima also included a third secret. This secret deals with the identity of the Antichrist, which appeared in 1948, in Palestine. The Popes had to reveal this secret of Fatima in 1960, so to unmask the identity of the Antichrist.

But, starting from John XXIII, they all broke with this sacred duty, from fear of this powerful Antichrist.

This identity was revealed by the Christ Himself to a priest on the 13th of May 1970. Appearing to him at dawn, Jesus tells him: “Today is 13 May, commemorative day of Our Mother’s apparition in Fatima. Open Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation: The Beast is Israel!” (see text “The Key of Apocalypse”).

This light illuminates the whole Apocalyptic message, and so does the secret of Fatima, and Mary’s message of La Salette.

To really understand these two messages of the Virgin, it all comes down to the revealing of the Antichrist’s identity, this Beast of the Book of Revelation. This is what the popes omit to reveal since 1960, for fear of being accused of anti-Semitism. It is because they know that it is about the State of Israel! This Zionist State, obstinately opposed to Christ Jesus, proclaims and still awaits another political-military Christ, whose fanatical and “expan-sionist” spirit is totally against the universalist, divine, and non-political Spirit of Jesus of Nazareth. So, it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, since a good number of Jews are Christian converts and denounce the State of Israel.

We understand thus, the real reasons that reduced the popes John XXIII, Paul VI and John-Paul II to this mysterious silence, and unjustifiable, concerning the secret of Fatima which reveals the identity of the Antichrist, as well as the Vatican’s bankruptcy. If they had not broken with this sacred duty by their muteness, and seen by their complicity, the Popes would have saved millions of souls… including their own.

As for Karol Wojtila, he has seriously lied by revealing a pseudo-secret. Here, we present you the indisputable argument concerning his lie. As he had said in the year 2000, the secret of Fatima was concerned with the attempt against his person on the 13th of May 1981. However, our Mother had asked that the secret of Fatima be revealed in 1960 in order for it “to be understood”. If it had been revealed at this date, in 1960, it CERTAINLY would not have been a question of a future event, having taken place 21 years later, and in which nobody would have understood. It is CERTAINLY an event PRIOR to 1960, to be understood in 1960, and not about an event that would occur after 1960. This event took place in 1948… in Palestine: The official proclamation of the State of Israel!!!

Sister Lucy speaks of the Message in 1958

The following text was transmitted by Lucy on May 22, 1958 to reverend Father Augostino Fuentes, postulant for the beatification of Francesco and Jacinta of Fatima:

“Father, the Madonna is very discontented because we have not taken Her message of 1917 into account. Neither the good nor the bad took it into account.

‘The good’, walk their path without thinking of themselves. They do not follow the heavenly norms. ‘The evil’, take the wide way of perdition, taking no account at all of the punishments that I threaten them with.

Believe me, Father; the Lord will punish the world very soon. The punishment is imminent, the material punishment will soon come. You can imagine Father; how many souls will end up in hell!

And this will arrive because we do not pray and do not do penitence.

This is the cause of our Mother’s sadness. Father, it is necessary to inform everyone what the Madonna told me several times: many nations will disappear from the face of the earth. The Nations without God will be the whip chosen by God Himself to castigate humanity if we do not obtain, by means of prayer and sacraments, the Grace of their conversion.

Tell them Father, that the devil is fighting the decisive battle against the Madonna, and what afflicts the Immaculate Hearts of Mary and Jesus. It is the fall of the religious and ministerial souls. They (the devils) know that the religious and the priests, in abandoning their vocation, drag many souls into hell. We barely have any time to stop Heaven’s punishment. We have at our disposal two very efficient means: Prayer and Sacrifice.

The devil does all to distract us and to remove our desire to pray. We either save ourselves or damn ourselves together.

Nevertheless, Father, it must be said to the people not to wait for an appeal to penitence from the Pope, or to prayer, neither from the part of bishops, nor the priests, nor from superiors in general. It is time for each person, by their own initiative, to accomplish holy deeds, and reform their life according to the Madonna’s demand!

The devil wants to be master of the consecrated souls. He tries to corrupt them, so to induce others to the final impenitence. He uses all the tricks to insinuate one to postpone religious life… This results with sterility in inner life and coldness in seminaries, where they have given up the joy of offering oneself totally to God.

It should be said Father, that two things sanctified Jacinta and Francesco: the affliction of the Madonna and the vision of hell…
The Madonna finds Herself between two swords: on one side, She sees a humanity that is obstinate and indifferent in front of the punishments that threaten. On the other, She sees us trampling the Sacraments and belittling the punishment that approaches, by remaining incredulous, sensual and materialistic.

The Madonna expressly said: “We are approaching the end of times.”
She told me three times:

  1. First, She affirmed that the devil has engaged in a decisive struggle, ie final, from which we shall come out either victorious or vanquished.
  2. The second time, She repeated to me that the last remedies given to the world are: the Holy Rosary and the devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. “Last”, means that there will not be any others.
  3. The third time, She told me that having exhausted the other means, disregarded by men, She gives us, while trembling, the last means of salvation, which is the Very Holy Virgin in person, signs of tears, message of various seers around the world. The Madonna says that if we do not listen and that we still offend, we will no longer be forgiven.

Father, Lucy tells me, it is urgent that we render count to the terrible reality. We do not wish to fill the souls with fear, it is just an urgent appeal to the reality.

Since the Very Holy Virgin gave a great efficacy to the Holy Rosary, there is no material problem, spiritual, national, or international problem that She cannot resolve without the Holy Rosary and our sacrifices.

The recital with love and devotion will console Mary and wipe away the many tears of Her Immaculate Heart.”

NB: For the interview above, the priest Fuentes obtained the permission of the then reigning Pope (Pious X).

Apparition of July 13, 1917

On July 13, after the vision of hell, the Virgin told Lucy and her two companions (pages 176 and 177 of “Memoirs of Sister Lucy”): “You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wants to establish the devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world. If you do what I tell you, many souls will be saved, and we will have peace. The war will end, but if we do not cease in offending God, a far worse one will commence under the reign of Pious XI. When you will see a night that is illuminated by an unknown light [this occurred on January 28, 1938], know that it is the grand sign God gives you that He will punish the world of its crimes by the way of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and the Holy Father. To prevent this, I will come to ask Russia’s consecration to my Immaculate Heart, and the restorative communion of the first Saturday of each month. If you listen to my requests, Russia will convert and we will have peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and several nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

Distressing Warnings

The famous third secret of Fatima was published in the journal “Neues Europa” (New Europe) of Stoccarde, the 15th of October 1963, under the title “The future of humanity”, signed by L. Einrich.

The article presented an “excerpt” of the secret of Fatima from which we expected the full disclosure in 1960. The document, known for diplomatic indiscretion, would have been sent by the Vatican’s authorities with the headlined information, to Washington, London and Moscow, rendering it necessary, even indispensable, for the treaty of the cessation of nuclear testing. The authenticity of such a document has never been denied by the Vatican.

Article from the “Neues Europa” Journal

October 13 1917, after a series of apparitions, the Very Holy Virgin appeared one last time to the children of Fatima, Lucia, Jacinta and Francesco. After the event of the “miracle of the sun”, the Mother of God revealed a special message to Lucia which, amongst others, said:
“Don’t worry dear child, I am the Mother of God, who is speaking to you and is asking you to proclaim in my Name, the following message to the whole world.

You will draw to yourself, by doing so, fierce hostilities. Listen, and retain well what I tell you:
Men must become better. They must implore for the remission of the sins that they have committed, and that they continue to commit; that they pray the Rosary… there is not a single problem: personal, familial, national or international, which I cannot resolve if asked of me through the Rosary.

You ask of me a miraculous sign, so that everyone understands my words, which, through you, I address to mankind. This miracle, you have just seen at this instant. It was the great miracle of the Sun! Everyone saw it, believers and non-believers, from the countryside and from the city, scientists and journalists, laymen and priests.

And now proclaim in My Name:

Upon all humanity, a grand punishment will arrive, not yet today, nor even tomorrow, but in the second half of the XXth century.

What I already made known in La Salette through the children Melanie and Maximin, I repeat today before you.

Humanity has been sacrilegious and tramples underfoot the Gift it has received.

Order no longer rules anywhere. Even at the highest positions, it is Satan who rules, and decides the course of affairs. He will even introduce himself into the uppermost summits of the Church.

He will succeed in sowing confusion in the minds of great scientists who invent weapons with which the half of humanity can be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

He will submit the powerful to his authority and drive them to mass manufacture these weapons.

If humanity will not defend itself, I will be forced to let go of my Son’s arm.

If those who are at the head of the world, and of the Church, do not oppose these schemes, it is I who will do so, and I will ask God my Father to bring forth His justice upon men.

It is so, that God will punish men more harshly and severely than He did by the Flood.

And the great and the powerful will perish, just as the small and the weak.

But also, a time of the hardest trials will come to the Church. Cardinals will be against cardinals, and bishops against bishops. Satan will place himself in the midst of their ranks.

In Rome also, there will be great changes. Rome will be destroyed. What is rotten falls, and what falls must not be maintained. The Church will become obscure and the world plunged into disarray.

The great, great war will occur in the second half of the twentieth century (The world war started in 1991 against Iraq. Now, it still continues, leading to disastrous international situations).

Russia will be the whip of God, and in the end, it will convert. That America not believe itself invulnerable.
Fire and smoke will fall from the sky, and the waters of the oceans will turn into vapor, hurling its foam towards the sky, and all that is standing will be overturned.

And millions upon millions of men will lose their lives from one hour to the next, and those who live still at that moment will envy those who have died. There will be tribulations everywhere, and wherever one looks. There will be misery on the entire earth, and desolation in all countries.

It is here, the time gets closer still, the abyss deepens more and more, and there is no longer a way out; the good die with the bad, the big with the small, the princes of the Church with their faithful, the sovereigns of the earth with their peoples; everywhere death will reign, elevated to its triumph by men gone astray and by Satan’s servants who will be, thus, the only sovereigns on earth.
It will be a time that no single king nor emperor, no single cardinal nor bishop await, yet it will come according to my Father’s plan to punish and avenge.

Much later however, whence those who survive everything will still be alive, they will invoke God again and his magnificence, and will serve God again as in the past, when the world was not as corrupt.

I call all the true imitators of my Son Jesus Christ, all the true Christians and the Apostles of the End of Times!

The Time of Times, and the End of Ends is coming if humanity does not convert, and if this conversion does not come from above: from the leaders of the world and the leaders of the Church.

But misfortune if this conversion does not come, and if all remains as is, yes, if all becomes worse still.

Go my child and proclaim it!

I will always stand for this by your side, aiding you”.

Text of Radio Vatican

“Neither John XXIII, nor Paul VI, found it appropriate to reveal the third part of the mystery of Fatima to the world. When it was published in the journal ‘Neues Europa’, the 15th of October 1963, it was neither confirmed, nor directly denied…

We have the certitude that the third part of the secret hides a particular gravity, confirmed by the tragic reality that the world as a whole, is living in.

Has the End of Times arrived?

Are we living the Apocalypse prophesied by Saint John?

If Christians testify with love to the hope in God’s mercy, they should also cry out with courage for the Truth of God’s Justice.
We do not have the illusion of being saved. Anyway, the time has come where words no longer suffice. One must act, and immediately, if we want that humanity, that each one amongst us may see… apart from the fire… the Light”.

(Text recorded from Radio Vatican on May 13, 1977 at 21h00-23h00)

Article of “Vox Fidei”

When Pope John Paul II found himself in Fula during his journey in Germany (15 to 19 November 1980), in the presence of a small group of persons, some questions were posed to him, one in particular on the secret of Fatima.

Here is the text that appeared in ‘Vox Fidei’ N° 10 of 1981:

“What is the secret of Fatima that had to be revealed in 1960?”

Response of the Holy Father:

“By its impressive content, and in order not to drag the global force of Communism into certain interferences, my predecessors preferred a “diplomatic attitude” (in relation to ‘the secret’).

However, it should be sufficient for every Christian to know the following: we read (in the secret) that the oceans will inundate continents entirely, that men will all of a sudden die from one minute to the next, suddenly, and this by the millions… when one knows this, it is not really urgent to publish this secret.

Many want to know solely by curiosity and by sensation, but forget that ‘knowledge’ carries with it also a responsibility… They simply want to appease their curiosity. This is dangerous when, in these times, the nonchalance of people will use it as an excuse that ‘this serves to nothing’!”

The Pope, on this subject, took the Rosary while saying:

Here is the remedy against this evil! Pray, pray, and in the future, do not ask any more questions. All the rest, recommend it to the Madonna!”

Excerpts of the Book in French: ‘Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité’

From the little brothers of the Sacred Heart:


Excerpts of the Book in French of Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité: “Toute la Vérité sur Fatima. Le Troisième secret” (Renaissance Catholique, 10260 Saint-Parres-Les-Vaudes. France).


At the end of an exhaustive investigation, we managed to discover a certain content. It is a tragic, but salutary Secret of decisive importance, for the faith and hope of today’s Catholics.

p.8: On the subject of Lucy: … because soon, in 1948, she will bury herself behind the bars of the Carmel…

p.36: Having received the formal order to write the Secret in and around mid-October, two months later, she still had not yet done so. This says how much the writing of this text made her tremble to such a point that, taking the pen, she found herself incapable of writing. In fact, she added… that, several times, she had wanted to obey, that she had sat down to write, not capable of doing so. This mysterious obstacle lasted still, till the 24th of December 1943, where she specifies, in a letter to don Garcia, ‘that this phenomenon was not due to natural causes.’
… It should be seen without a doubt: Satan’s final rampage against the messenger of the Immaculate, guessing what a terrible weapon this great prophecy, once fixed on paper, could constitute on his domination over the souls, and of his pretension to infiltrate up till the heart of the Church.

p.39: Besides, writes Father Alonso, how can one comprehend Lucy’s great difficulties in writing this Secret, when she had already written other things, already very difficult? If it had been a question of prophetically announcing anew and of great cataclysms, we are certain that Sister Lucy would not have experienced such difficulties, given that victory requires a special intervention from Heaven.

p.271: Why this date of 1960 to disclose the Secret: “Because then it will appear clearer”.

p.273: It was also towards this time that sister Lucy found herself surveilled so much more closely, nearly reduced to total silence (1951).

p.373: According to cardinal Ottaviani, John XXIII put back the Secret himself in another envelope, sealed it and deposited it in one of his archives that is like a deep well, black, dark, to the bottom of which the papers fall, and nobody can no longer see…

p.386: Vatican City, February 8, 1960, Press release of the ANI agency:
It is likely that the Secret of Fatima will never be rendered public. The decision of the Vatican authorities base themselves on the following reasons:

  1. Sister Lucy is still alive.
  2. The Vatican already knows the content of the letter.
  3. Although the church recognizes the apparitions of Fatima, it does not desire to take the responsibility to guarantee the veracity of the words the three shepherds said, that the Virgin had addressed them.

P.420: It is why nothing is more important, more necessary, more urgent, than to make known to the world this ultimate Secret, buried in the Vatican, like a confined truth, by the successive popes, since more than a quarter of a century!

The Virgin Mary wanted its disclosure in 1960, and Sister Lucy, her messenger, continued to desire so, in urgently demanding for it to be revealed; we know this. The depository of the truth, and dreaded more than ever, Lucy is reduced to the strictest silence on this most salutary message, to the point that they practically forbade her to make the slightest allusion to it.

The bishop of Leiria and the chaplains of the sanctuary, they too, seemed to have received orders of silence.

p.477: Since then, the question arises: Until when will our pastors choose to please the enemies of the Virgin Mary by remaining faithful to the ‘directives of the Council’, to which they claim to belong to – and which led the Church to its ruin – rather than humbly relying on the prophecies of the Queen of Heaven, incontestably contrary to the innovators? Until when, will they linger to obey the very urgent demands of their Mother and Mistress, the Queen of the Apostles, the Almighty Mediator of graces, and of mercy for the Church and the world?

p.533: “It has been given to our century to see once more this marvelous Sign. This Lady appeared in the sky of Fatima, it is clearly the same Woman of the vision of Patmos. To be this engaged by the events of our human history during the Apocalyptic times, captures emotion and fright. The chapter written by Our Lady of Fatima is of a limpid simplicity, even in its grandeur. It rejoins that of Saint John. It throws it in actuality, and makes it heard again by Christians. The two, mutually enlighten each other, to the point of leaving nothing in the dark, that which concerns the great tragedy of our twentieth century”. (Abbot Georges de Nantes – Lettre à mes amis (Letter to my friends) – N° 247, June 5, 1947).

We cannot say it better. Sister Lucy herself firmly recommends to read, to study, to meditate the Apocalypse. We have said it; interrogated on the content of the third Secret, she replies: “It is in the Gospel and in the Revelation, read them!” We even know that, she indicated one day, the chapters 8 to 13 of St. John’s Revelation.


The Vatican was infiltrated by Judaic-Masonry. We know that the Antichrist, the Beast of chapter 13 of the Apocalypse, is Israel. We understand then, that the Vatican cannot reveal the 3rd secret, which unmasks the Antichrist, the Beast of the Apocalypse, of whom the Virgin Mary had already spoken of in La Salette, in 1846.

In the year 2000, the Vatican revealed a pseudo message of Fatima that disfigures the Message in favor of the Antichrist. This is how Satan governs at the highest levels of the Church, as the Virgin has said. (See our text: “Mary’s Message in La Salette”).

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