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The Antichrist in Islam

These teachings of the Prophet Muhammad on the Antichrist in Islam are taken from the “Spiritual Discussions”, commonly known in Arabic as “Al-Hadith”. The Qur’an does not mention the Antichrist, but speaks of “Gog and Magog”, symbol of the Antichrist.

In Islam, the Antichrist is known as the “Imposter Christ” (Al Massih al Dajjal).

We relate the explanation and numbering of these Hadiths from the Arabic book of the late Sheikh Sobhi Saleh “Manhal al Waridin”. This book is a compilation of the Hadiths drawn from Sheikh Muhyîddine Al Nawawî’s book “The Gardens of Piety” (Riyad el Sâlihine), XIIIth century of the Christian era.

Sheikh Sobhi Saleh reports these Hadiths trustworthily while numbering them differently.

Here are the principal points revealed by the Prophet Muhammad on the subject of the Antichrist:

From Adam until the day of the resurrection of the dead, there is no matter greater than that of the Impostor (Antichrist)” (n°1812):

In spite of this verse, some believers consider that the Antichrist is but of marginal importance, not even deserving mention. Such an attitude does not suit a zealous Muslim, because Muhammad placed it at the summit of the powers of Evil to fight. This is all the more viable as this Imposter lives among us today.

Discussion n°204 reports that Muhammad spoke at length of the Impostor:

“The prophet praises God then mentions the Imposter Christ (the Antichrist) and speaks at length about him. He said (among other things): He will appear among you, and (then) what was unknown to you regarding him will no longer be unknown”.

Here, Muhammad draws attention on the fact that the Impostor’s identity remains obscure until the moment of his apparition.

But how will the identity of the Antichrist be discovered?

Discussion n°1813 tells us:
“The Impostor will manifest itself and a believing man will direct himself towards him and say: Oh men, here is the Impostor whom the prophet spoke of.”

Thus, Muhammad informs us that God will send a believing man to designate the Antichrist. This man has already appeared and, under divine order, designated the Impostor, indicating Israel saying: “Here is the Antichrist”. This confirms the prophecy of the Gospel on the Antichrist in John’s second letter:

“The Antichrist is the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ” (2 John 2,22).
It is the case of the Zionists.

How was this man able to detect the identity of the Antichrist?

This is due to a series of successive apparitions of the Messiah, Jesus, to this man to prepare him for his mission. The most important apparition was on 13 May 1970, during which Jesus tells him: “Open Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation: the Beast is Israel” (See the text “The Key of the Apocalypse”).

From these apparitions, a meticulous and conscientious research on the prophecies related to the Antichrist was undertaken. It is Heaven then, which took the initiative of revealing the identity of the Antichrist.

The Biblical and Islamic prophecies lead us to discover the Antichrist in the Zionist world:

We make a distinction between Zionists and Jews of good faith. Muhammad links the Impostor (the Antichrist) to the Jews in Discussion n°1810 in saying: “70,000 Jews of Isfahan (Iran) will follow the Impostor.”

Now Isfahan, is the most populated Iranian city with Jews. After the fall of the Shah of Iran, a large emigration of Iranian Jews to Israel occurred. The number 70,000 is symbolic and represents a universal totality: the influx of the Jews from the whole world to Palestine.

In Discussion n°1818, Muhammad also says: “The resurrection of the dead will not take place before the Muslims fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind the rocks and the trees, which will say: “Oh Muslim, a Jew hides behind me, come and kill him, except the ‘gharkad’ (who do not say this. The ‘gharkad’ is the name of a succulent plant) because it is a tree of the Jews.”

The Arab-Israeli wars, provoked by the Zionist occupation of Palestine, are a sign of the presence of the Antichrist in the Holy Land. Dr Sobhi Saleh, in his book, interprets the ‘gharkad’ as so (p 992): “A thorny tree species in Palestine where the Impostor and the Jews will perish”.

Two important points are to be underlined in this interpretation:

  1. The intimate link between the Impostor and the Jews.
  2. The Impostor appears in Palestine, and in Jerusalem itself, where he will perish with the Zionist Jews.

This is the reason for which a lot of interpreters have understood that the expression “Impostor Christ”, represents a group of homogeneous people, characterized by deceit and by lies. Moreover, in the same book of Sheikh S. Saleh (p 608), it is said: “The Impostor Christ is the name of a class of those who augment lies and deceit, because the Discussions (of the Prophet) report that at the end of times, there will be many impostors“. Thus, we understand that the Impostor represents a group of impostors, and not a single individual. This is also the Gospel’s view:

“There are many deceivers… who refuse to admit that Jesus is the Messiah… They are the Deceiver; they are the Antichrist” (2 John 7).

Why are the Zionists described as the Impostor Christ? It is because they reject Jesus and announce another christ, a racist messiah with Zionist ambitions like Ariel Sharon today (1 John 2,22). Such is the Antichrist, because the true Christ is none other than Jesus. In other words, the Antichrist is the Zionist person and society, which form the Imposter entity, known under the name of Israel.

After having exposed the narrow link between the Jews and the Imposter Christ, we pass on to another point:

The relation between the Zionist Jews, the Imposter Christ, and “Gog and Magog
We demonstrate that these three denominations form but a single and identical reality. The Zionists and “Gog and Magog” form a unique moral person also known as the Imposter Christ. The Prophet Muhammad says in Discussion n°1808:
“Woe to the Arabs of an evil that approaches: today, a breach like this (and the prophet joined the tips of his thumb and his forefinger) was opened in the barrier of Gog and Magog.”

Some interpreters think that Gog and Magog are related to Alexander the Great. However, Alexander (IVth century BC) precedes Muhammad approximately a thousand years. The Prophet speaks of Gog and Magog in the future, not in the past, since he says: “Woe to the Arabs of an evil that approaches”, not of an evil which has passed during the days of Alexander.

The confusion between “Gog and Magog” and Alexander the Great results from the fact that the Arabs qualify Alexander, because of his power, as ‘Dhu’l Qarnayn’, which means ‘The Double Horned’, he who has two horns:

“They said: ‘O Dhu’l Qarnayn, Gog and Magog are working corruption on earth. Shall we pay you a wage in return for your building us a barrier between us and them?” (Qur’an XVIII; The Cave,94)
(The numbering of the verses can vary from one Qur’an to another.)

Alexander the Great was known as the “Double-Horned” because of Daniel’s prophecy (Daniel 8). But the above-mentioned verse points, in fact, to the second Beast (USA) of John’s Revelation: it has ‘two horns’ and is at the service of the first Beast (Israel), which represents modern paganism: “Gog and Magog” (Revelation 13,11-17 & 20,7-9). The research around Gog and Magog in the Qur’an should be done in this direction. Here again, emerges the necessity of resorting to the Gospels in order to understand certain passages of the Qur’an.

The link between “Gog and Magog” and the Antichrist explains the reason for which Muhammad had said in one of his Discussions that the recitation of the Sura XVIII, The Cave, which is the only Quranic Sura to mention Gog and Magog, protects against the Antichrist. (This is mentioned in the Qur’an translated in French by Muhammad Hamidullah. Published by Hilàl Yayinlari – Ankara 1973)

Discussion 1806 equally reports that the hoard of “Gog and Magog” will fall on Palestine from all over the world because the prophet says:

“God will send ‘Gog and Magog’ who will surge from everywhere, and their pioneers will cross the lake of Tiberius (in Palestine)”.

Note indeed, that here too, Muhammad did not say: “God sent Gog and Magog”, but “God will send Gog and Magog who will surge from everywhere”. He is therefore speaking of an event occurring after Muhammad.

The Qur’an confirms this massive and international assembly in Palestine, at the end of times, by saying in chapter XXVII; The Ants,82-83:

“A Day (at the time of the apparition of a Beast; see verse 82) shall come when We (God) shall herd from every nation a group who cried lies to Our revelations, all led in strict order (to Palestine)”.

Who are these people who disbelieve in God’s Revelations, and who God allows their assembly?

The Qur’an designates the Jews, described as infidels, because of their infidelity to the Covenant, their denial of Christ Jesus, and the slanders hurled against the Virgin Mary:

“Therefore, by renouncing their covenant, by blaspheming against the revelations of God, by killing prophets unjustly… they believe not… and their terrible words of slander against Mary…” (Qur’an IV; The Women,155-156)

The persons indicated in this verse, in our modern times, are the Zionists gathered from all the nations into Palestine. Their blasphemies made Muhammad say in Discussion 1815 that “the letters K, F, R (in Arabic) are inscribed between the eyes of the Impostor Christ”. These letters form the word “kufr”, which means “blasphemy”, a word characterizing the Antichrist (Revelation 17,3).

Muhammad also described this Impostor as the “one-eyed liar”:
All his words concerning the divine Truths and dialogues with men are lies. He disfigures God’s signs and prophecies, especially in announcing another Zionist messiah. He is one-eyed because he sees things with only one eye, with egoism and according to his personal interests. In Discussion 1815, Muhammad says: “He is one-eyed and your God Almighty is not one-eyed”.

Muhammad puts us on guard against the Antichrist’s power of distraction and seduction by saying in Discussion 1806:

“What I most fear for you is the Impostor… He will present himself before the people and will invite them; they will believe in him and will answer to him.”

Israel has, indeed, solicited the Arabs, and the Palestinians themselves. Most of them have, implicitly or explicitly, answered his call. (Camp David, Oslo, etc…)

Muhammad asks the believers to calculate the period of existence of this dreadful enemy:

“We asked: How long will he last on earth? He answered: 40 days. A day is like a year, a day is like a month and a day is like a week… We answered: Oh Messenger of God, in this day that is like a year, will it be sufficient for us to pray one whole day? He answered: No. Calculate his delay”. (The Discussion n°1806)
The interpreters agree on the significance of these words. It means to count his days mathematically, as the book “Manhal el Waridin” (p 978) reports.

Muhammad therefore recommends the believers to scrutinize the coming of the Antichrist, and to calculate its temporal duration, making this commandment an obligation more important than the prayer of a whole day, for a year long.

But how can we calculate this approximate duration of 40 years or 40 days? This count is impossible if we have not first discovered the Impostor’s identity. For this, two facts are important:

a) To believe in the message of this Believer announced by Muhammad, the man sent by God to unmask the Imposter, the Antichrist, as mentioned above (Discussion n°1813).

b) To have recourse to the prophecies on the Antichrist in the Gospel, because complementary enlightenments are given on this subject. It reveals therein that a powerful nation will support the Antichrist. Evidently, we recognize this nation as the United States of America. The beginning of the fall of Israel has taken place since 1983, at the time of its first retreat from Lebanon, putting an end to the expansionist dream of Greater Israel, 35 years after its foundation as a State. Its second defeat was in May 2000, when Israel fled from the South of Lebanon. At the time of its near and definitive disappearance, all the prophecies will become clear. (See the text: “The Key of the Apocalypse”).

How will the Antichrist perish?

The Prophet Muhammad says in Discussion n°1806:
“God will send Jesus, Son of Mary, who will pursue him and reach him at the gate of Lod (close to Tel Aviv) … Then Jesus will raise up a people whom God will make invincible with respect to him (the Antichrist) … and God will send Gog and Magog who will surge from everywhere… ”

Notice that it is Jesus, the Christ, who is sent against the Antichrist and against Gog and Magog. Also notice that it is through a people made invincible that the Christ leads his war against his enemies. In this same Discussion, God says of this invincible people which he gives rise to: “I sent out (to combat) some of my devotees, whom no one has hands to fight against”.

This people that is sent out against the Antichrist, are inspired in their struggle by the Spirit of Christ Jesus. They annihilate the Antichrist.

Let us recall that it is at the gate of Lod, close to Jerusalem (where the Israeli international airport is found today), where the Antichrist must perish. This demonstrates that it is in Palestine where the Antichrist is found. This is why Muhammad says in Discussion n°1808: “The Impostor will appear in my nation. He will remain 40 – I do not know if – 40 days, 40 months, or 40 years. But God will send Jesus, Son of Mary, who will pursue him and will annihilate him; then men will live for seven years (symbolically) without animosity, even between two people”.


It is at the end of times that “Gog and Magog” appear. The Surat of “The Cave” speaks of the final Judgment in mentioning these pagans. Their assembly means that the trumpet of the end of times has sounded:

“On that day, We shall abandon them, to swarm one against another. And the Trumpet shall be sounded, and We shall herd them all together (in Palestine). On that day, We shall open Hell to the unbelievers’ view, all in one view. It is they whose eyes were veiled from My remembrance, and who were incapable of hearing.” (Qur’an XVIII; The Cave,99-101)

In the Surat “The Ants”, God also says:

“A Day shall come when the Trumpet shall be blown, and all who are in the Heavens and earth shall be filled with fright, save those whom God wills… Praise be to God! He shall show you His wonders and you shall recognize them…” (Qur’an XXVII; The Ants,87-93)

What are these signs that God will show and that only the true believers will recognize? Among these signs, firstly is the apparition of the Antichrist in the Holy Land. The second sign, is the apparition of this Believer who points out and unmasks this Impostor.

Wise believers must know that the Christ Jesus, Son of Mary, is today at work amongst us, inviting the pure consciences to fight the Zionist Impostor and his allies. The good news of their victory was announced by God’s prophecies. Jesus’ soldiers hear the trumpet that is being sounded already.

Let us end with a word of the Prophet Muhammad who, zealously covering the believers, wanted to refute himself, the Impostor’s arguments:

“I fear not for you except the Impostor. If he appears and that I am amongst you, it is I who will shatter his arguments. But if he appears and I am not amongst you, it is then to each one to argue for their-self. And God is my successor next to every Muslim.”

The Antichrist has appeared and Muhammad is not amongst us. His unique successor therefore, is God Himself. It is the Creator who, today, pushes us to fight the Antichrist. The moment has come, for no one to claim the title of the Caliph anymore, God being the only Caliph, Successor of Muhammad. No religious chief should thus prevent this combat, and that every true believer prepares their right arguments, as the Prophet prescribes, and launch themselves into battle without letting the obsolescent traditions stop so. It is time to remember the words of Prophet Muhammad in Discussion n°184:

“Whoever fights them (God’s enemies) with his hand is therefore a believer, whoever fights them with his heart is therefore a believer, whoever fights them with his tongue is therefore a believer, apart from this, there is not a mustard grain of faith”.

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