Message received the 11th of July 1973: Listen Israel

The hand of the Lord has been on me to announce
to Israel what follows…

Listen Israel!
Sons of Jacob be attentive!
Listen Israel the Word of Yahweh Sabaot:
From the four corners of the world you want to gather,
Sailing on the blood that you make drip.
Now listen to what I have to tell you, before the end, before your end;
A last word,
A word of love
In spite of the fair anger I destine you to.
Listen therefore to Me wherever you are, whoever you are.
You have been recalcitrant and I have castigated you.
You have shaken the Yoke, the light Yoke,
And I have whipped you!
Against my Christ you have erected yourself,
Then against you I have raised Myself.
Listen without irritating to hear the Truth:
Vain is your cult; it is not addressed to Me.
I don’t receive it! Word of Yahweh!
The blood of the Just One you have shed;
The blood of Abel and the prophets and Jesus.
Listen Israel now listen, if you have ears:
Be no longer a stubborn heifer,
Be no longer like the cows of Basham,
Be no longer the Beast,
Because the Beast, the Revelation says,
Goes to its destruction, even though it comes up from the abyss.
Listen I implore you, for once, it is the last:
At the feet of the wall you may shout,
At the feet of the wall you may cry,
At the feet of this wall only you may gesticulate,
You may play the horn there and crush the feet there,
You may twist yourself,
You may hit your chest,
To embrace your forehead and arm,
Israel, I don’t listen to you!
It is at the feet of the Cross that you must present yourself,
It is at the feet of the Cross that you must purify yourself.
To the wailing wall, if you insist, you can go…
But listen Israel:
It is at the feet of the Cross that you must moan,
If you want to pretend to be listened to, by Me,
Listen then Israel:
It is when you will listen to Me that I will listen to you,
Because your destruction is near!
Ha! Ha! Are you laughing?
Do you say “I am enthroned as Queen”?
For that, in only one day, the plagues will fall on you.
Listen Israel, your only defensive wall will disappear,
And then where will you groan? Where will you moan?
Your Temple, you won’t have it!
Word of Yahweh Sabaot.
I speak to you once again, a last time again,
Before the end, before your end, this time definitively.
Recognize my Christ… otherwise…
He had warned you; you have disobeyed.
Then the misfortune has come on you, as He had told you.
In 70, your Temple, it has been Me to destroy it,
It is what you have wanted, you, yes you have wanted
To destroy my Temple, My Beloved One,
My Son Jesus Christ, the pupil of my eyes, yes the Messiah,
In whom My soul, constantly, rejoices!
Listen Israel, listen,
The days go by and don’t come back.
You buy gold, the gold of the earth and you do well…
Listen then Israel:
Buy gold, the gold of wisdom, of the Divine Wisdom,
While there still is time.
And if you want, on you I will shed His divine Blood,
Yes on you and on your children,
For your salvation and no longer for your condemnation.
Israel, in your big power, in your days of strength,
Try to follow in my steps so that weakened,
The weakness does not confound you.
Listen Israel, you the very powerful
What the Almighty tells you,
Otherwise you will be reduced to nothing.
Oh Israel, Israel how many time, but how many time
I wanted to hatch you and you did not want it.
Israel for once, for this last time,
Listen to the word of Shaddai
Listen to the word of Yahweh
Listen therefore to the Almighty Word…