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Listen Israel

Message received the 11th of July 1973: Listen Israel

The hand of the Lord has been on me to announce
to Israel what follows…

Listen Israel!
Sons of Jacob be attentive!
Listen Israel to the Word of Yahweh Sabaoth:
From the four corners of the earth you want to regroup,
Sailing on the blood that you spilled.
Now listen to what I have to say, before the end, before your end;
A last word,
A word of love
In spite of the just anger I vow on you.
Listen to me then, wherever you are, whomever you may be.
You reneged and I punished you.
You have shaken the Yoke, the light Yoke,
And I have whipped you!
Against my Christ you erected yourself,
So against you I Myself have stood up.
Listen without becoming irritant in hearing the Truth:
Vain is your worship; it is not addressed to Me.
I receive it not! Word of Yahweh!
The Blood of the Just One you shed;
The Blood of Abel and the prophets and of Jesus.
Listen now Israel, listen, if you have ears:
Do not be a stubborn heifer
Do not be like the cows of Basham,
Do not play the Beast anymore,
Because the Beast, Revelation decries,
Heads to its destruction, even though it came up from the Abyss.
Hear me I implore you, for once, it is the last:
At the feet of the wall you may cry,
At the feet of the wall you may wail,
At the feet of this wall alone you can gesture,
No matter how much you scream out and kick,
You can squirm,
You can beat your chest,
Launch yourself to and fro,
Israel, I am not listening to you!
It is at the feet of the Cross that you must present yourself,
It is at the feet of the Cross that you must purify yourself.
To the wailing wall, if you insist, you can go…
But listen Israel:
It is at the feet of the Cross that you must lament,
If you want to claim being heard by Me,
Listen then Israel:
It is when you listen to Me that I will listen to you,
As your destruction is close at hand!
Haha! You are laughing?
“I am enthroned as Queen” you say?
Yet now, in a single day, misfortune will befall you.
Listen Israel, your only Great wall will disappear,
And then where will you moan? Where will you lament?
A Temple for yourself you shall not have!
Word of Yahweh Sabaoth.
I speak to you once again, a last time still,
Before the end, before your end, definitively this time.
Recognize my Christ… otherwise…
He warned you; you disobeyed.
So misfortune befell you, as He had said to you.
At 70, your Temple, it was I who destroyed it,
What you wanted, you, yes what you wanted was
To destroy My Temple, My Beloved,
My Son Jesus Christ, the apple of my eye, yes the Messiah,
In whom My soul, ceaselessly, rejoices!
Listen Israel, listen,
The days pass and do not come back.
You buy gold, gold of the earth and you do well…
Listen then Israel:
Buy gold, the gold of wisdom, of Divine Wisdom,
While there is still time.
And if you desire, on you I will pour his Holy Blood,
Yes on you and on your children,
For your salvation, and no longer your condemnation.
Israel, in your great power, in your days of strength,
Seek to follow my steps so that when weakened,
Weakness does not confound you.
Listen Israel, you so powerful
What the Almighty is saying to you,
Otherwise you will be reduced to nothing.
O Israel, Israel how many times, but how many times
I wanted to nurture you and you did not want so.
Israel, for once, for this last time,
Listen to the word of Shaddaï
Listen to the word of Yahweh
Listen then, to the Almighty Word…

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