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Open letter to Pope John-Paul II

By not revealing the TRUE content of the third secret of Fatima, you and your two predecessors have betrayed the Christ Jesus and his Holy Mother Mary.

Thus, the Words of Our Mother Mary at La Salette have been accomplished:
“Rome will lose the faith and becomes the seat of the Antichrist”.
The TRUE secret of Fatima, revealed by Jesus Himself to a priest in Lebanon in 1970, contains, in substance, the two following dramatic elements that you have dissimulated through fear and diplomacy. You have thus sacrificed the testimony that you owe to Christ and to Mary the Immaculate:

  1. The Antichrist, this Beast of the Apocalypse (Revelation 13) will appear. It is the State of Israel. (It is why the Virgin Mary asked that the secret be revealed in 1960. It would not have been understood before this date, considering that this State was just proclaimed in 1948.)
  2. The Vatican will renounce the faith by siding with the Antichrist. (This is what you have done, “Mr. the Pope”, in proclaiming “God bless Israel”, whilst lamenting, in Jerusalem, in front of the Wailing Wall. What you have done, from fear of men and them accusing you of anti-Semitism, is contrary to what was ordained to you by Heaven.)

She is right indeed, the Immaculate Virgin, our Mother, to have revealed in La Salette that the Antichrist “will be born of a religious Hebraic woman, from a false virgin…(symbol of Israel); her father will be bishop”, She had also specified, to denounce the Vatican’s complicity.

In fact, John explains that “the Antichrist is the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ” (1 John 2,22). You know well that such is the case of the Zionist State of Israel, which denies that Jesus is the Christ, and still awaits a political-military messiah to establish the Greater Israel of King Solomon. This king annually received “royalties from the merchants and from all the foreign kings, 666 talents of gold” reveals the Bible (1 King 10,14-15). This is why the symbolic number of the Apocalyptic Beast “666”, refers to the weight of the gold received by Solomon. And the one who has “shrewdness and intelligence will understand the number of the Beast”, the Apocalypse adds (Revelation 13,18), ie, recognizing its identity (for more details see the text “The Key of the Apocalypse (Revelation)”in

You have lost the faith, courage, and intelligence at the Vatican!

The State of Israel, as John also explains, is “this Beast who once was (in the past), and now is not (when John wrote the Revelation, having been destroyed by Titus in the year 70), is yet to come up from the Abyss, but only to go to its destruction.” Here it is, arisen, this Beast that has seduced you, “and the people of the world, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life, will think it miraculous…” (Revelation 17,8), like you.

By recognizing the identity of the first Beast in Revelation 13, it becomes easy to recognize the second Beast that supports it, and imposes it on the world (Revelation 13,11- 17).

We denounce the bankruptcy of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and its clergy, who have become “cesspools of impurity” according to the Immaculate Virgin in La Salette. Jesus is already in Return among the faithful believers, these sensible bridesmaids who awoke at the Cry of Midnight: “Look! The Bridegroom! Go out (of this Church) and meet him (by denouncing the Antichrist)” (Matthew 25,6). Consequently, it is Jesus Himself who directs his people. His are those who recognize the identity of the Antichrist, the first Beast of chapter 13 of Revelation. Having forgiven their sins, Jesus Himself makes of them the priests of his New Priesthood (Revelation 1,6), that of the celestial Jerusalem, in which the material temple is no longer found, “since the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb were themselves the temple” (Revelation 21,22). Jesus is already back. He enters to have supper with all those who hear him knocking at their door, and open to Him at once, to have Supper with Him, and Him with them, in the intimacy of their homes, far from the ecclesiastical worship that the Savior rejects from henceforth (Luke 12,35-40 / Revelation 3,20). Such is the Universal Restoration prophesied by Peter (Acts 3, 19-21).

Yet you scorn the evangelical and Marian prophecies, contrary to Paul’s precepts: Do not “suppress the Spirit, or treat the gift of prophecy with contempt!” (1Thess 5,19-21)

The Apostles of the End of Times, announced by Mary at La Salette, are already at work to retake the torch of testimony for Jesus, the Only Messiah, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, both spurned by you and your accursed hierarchy, overtaken from hereon.

We appeal to all true Believers to rally behind Christ by disassociating themselves from you and the treacherous Clergy, “these cesspools of impurity” and engage themselves against the Antichrist which, with your “blessing”, continues to crucify Jesus today, under your watch, by rejecting Him in obstinacy as the Messiah. They thus mislead Jews, Christians and Muslims.

It is necessary to have the courage, faith and love for Jesus, as prescribed in Revelation, “to prophesy AGAIN against many nations, languages and kings” (Revelation 10,11), this corpus at the head of which you are placed, you, Mister the Pope John-Paul II, disguised as a martyr.

We defy you, Mister the Pope, as well as you, the “cesspools of impurity”, his collaborators at the Vatican and elsewhere, yes, we defy you in the Name of the Living Christ. We defy you to contradict, through the Holy Scriptures, and the recent revelations of the Immaculate Mother of God, in their Holy Names, what we address to you.

Pierre (05.03.2005)

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