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The Key of the Apocalypse (Revelation)

The Christ unmasks the Antichrist


The 13th of May, 1970
Jesus reveals the Apocalypse (Revelation) in Lebanon.

“Come with Me from Lebanon, my promised bride,
come with Me from Lebanon, make your entry.”
(Song of Songs 4,8)

“In a short time, a very short time,
shall not Lebanon become fertile land
and fertile land turn into forest?
The deaf, that day,
will hear the words of a book
and, after shadow and darkness,
the eyes of the blind will see…
for the tyrant shall be no more, the scoffer vanished,
and the malicious will be destroyed.”
(Isaiah 29,17-20)


The Apocalypse, or St. John’s Revelation, is a prophetical Book related to the events and protagonists of the XXth and XXIst centuries. This tumultuous period is that of the reappearance and end of a “Beast”: the Antichrist, on the eve of Christ’s Return.

This Book was revealed to John, the Apostle of Jesus, in 95 A.D. It is a “closed Book, sealed by seven seals” (Revelation 5,1). This signifies that it is perfectly secret. No man can claim to unravel its message (Revelation 5,3). Only Jesus possesses the key to interpret the enigmas entailed therein (Revelation 5,5-7). It is Him, Jesus, who will send His messenger with this “small Book unrolled or open” (Revelation 10,1-2); to reveal its content during the accomplishment of the announced apocalyptic events (Revelation 22,10 / 22,16).

This interpretation of the Book of Revelation is not the result of a personal effort. It would have no value whatsoever. It is the consequence of a series of upsetting revelations made by Jesus to a Lebanese priest. Jesus revealed to him the unsuspected identity of “the Beast” of chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, in order to enlighten all those of good faith, all true believers.

The Revelation predicts the return of this “Beast” that already existed before (Revelation 17,8).

Jesus returns, He too, to unmask it, to annihilate the Beast, and to restore the Kingdom of God (Revelation 1,7 / Revelation 22,20).

This “Beast” is the Antichrist, the same one mentioned by John in his letters (1 John 2,22 / 2 John 7). The revelation of its identity is the Key that opens the “small, closed book” of the Revelation and, by deduction, explains all the Apocalyptic symbols.

The author of these pages is the priest to whom the Lord Jesus entrusted this Key. The revelation of this message has had as a consequence insidious persecutions and threats from numerous Lebanese Christians – bishops, priests, laymen – who are at the Beast’s service. Seduced by the Beast’s approach and fearing its power, they serve it. By doing so, they sacrifice their noble Mission and betray the testimony owed to Jesus (Matthew 24,10-12).

The holder of the Apocalyptic Message had to dissociate himself from the Church as a result of the latter’s commitment to the Beast. Peter, Jesus’ Apostle, had to act in the same way in the past towards the Synagogue; so as to “obey God rather than men” (Acts 5,27-29).

This was a moral liberation and a spiritual restoration for the priest and those who believe in his Message. They “judge for themselves what is right”, as Jesus prescribes in Luke 12,56-57. These pioneers in the spiritual liberation come from several religions and backgrounds. They will launch, by their indefectible faith to the apocalyptic message and the love and union that reigns amongst them, the Universal Restoration prophesied by Peter in Acts 3,20-21.

This liberation, makes of them independent believers and authentic witnesses of the true Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

The Key-Enigma

The Revelation holds an enigma: a mysterious Beast which is mentioned in chapter 13: “I saw a Beast emerge from the sea: it had seven heads and ten horns… etc…”, St. John says.

Who is this Beast? This is the principal Apocalyptic enigma. Man is called to identify it. Only the wise and the intelligent will be able to do so (Revelation 13,18):

“There is need for shrewdness here: if anyone is clever enough, he may interpret the number of the Beast; it is the number of a man, the number 666”

This principal enigma is the key to all the Apocalyptic enigmas. Whence discovered, all other symbols become clear.

“Apocalypse” comes from the Greek “Apocalypsé”. Written in Greek, this Book commences with this word, hence its name. In Greek, “calypsé” means to cover, to veil or to hide. On the other hand, “Apocalypsé” means to uncover, to unmask, or to reveal what is hidden.

It is the identity of the Beast that is hidden, concealed in the book of Revelation. For twenty centuries – since the Revelation was revealed to John in the year 95 A.D. – many have tried to unravel the mystery. Yet all these human efforts were in vain. Finally, on the 13th of May 1970, Jesus Himself unveiled the Apocalyptic mystery. Before this date, certain people thought that the Beast represented the Roman Empire, others saw that it was the Devil, others also said communism, Hitler or the atomic bomb. But none of these explanations correspond to the descriptions of the Revelation given to the Beast. No man can discover the identity of this Beast. The Revelation itself teaches us that not a single being “in Heaven, nor on Earth” can reveal its mystery by a personal effort. Jesus only has this power. In effect, St. John says in chapter 5,1-5:

“I saw that in the right hand of the One (God) sitting on the Throne there was a scroll that was written on back and front and was sealed with seven seals (perfectly secret). Then I saw a powerful angel who called with a loud voice, ‘Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals’? But there was no one, in Heaven or on the earth or underneath the earth, who was able to open the scroll and read it (understand it). I (John) wept bitterly because nobody could be found to open the scroll and read it (for twenty centuries nobody could explain the Revelation), but one of the elders said to me, there is no need to cry: the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David (Jesus) has triumphed, and He will open (interpret) the scroll and its seven seals”.

Therefore, only Jesus can reveal the secret of the Revelation. It is the reason why this book is sealed with seven seals. In the prophetic language, seven is the symbol of perfection. This means that its secret is perfectly guarded (refer to Isaiah 29,11).

The pages of the book are written on the ‘front and back’, which signifies that no one is authorized to add anything, under penalty of obtaining an eternal punishment:

“This is my solemn warning to all who hear the prophecies in this book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book; if anyone cuts anything out of the prophecies in this book, God will cut off his share of the tree of life and of the holy city, which are described in the book!” (Rev 22,18-19).

That is why this sacred book is sealed with seven seals because no one else but the Christ can touch it.

The Revelation also informs us of an important fact: Jesus opens this book, that is to explain it, by revealing its secret to a special envoy. St. John sees this man coming into the world in the form of an “Angel” carrying in hand a “small scroll unrolled” (Revelation 10,1-2). This “small unrolled scroll (or open book)” is the book that God held closed, since it is “sealed with seven seals”; and here it is now, “open”, “unrolled”, in the “Angel’s” hand, because it is explained and accessible to human intelligence. The Revelation, indeed, in volume, is a “small Book”. The words “coming down from Heaven” mean that it is the explanation of the Book that comes down from heaven.
Thus, Jesus demands John in the Revelation to address the messages to the leaders of the seven Churches – who are men – in these terms: “Write to the Angel of the Church of Ephesus… (Revelation 2,1) … to the Angel of the Church in Smyrna write… (Revelation 2,8)”. These “Angels” are men.

Jesus sends his messenger to explain the Revelation: “I, Jesus, have sent my Angel (messenger) to make these revelations to you for the sake of the churches” (Revelation 22,16). Therefore, there are two Apocalyptic messengers: St. John and the “Angel” who is sent afterwards.

John received the Apocalyptic message in incomprehensible symbols, and the Lord explicitly asked him not to clarify them: “Keep the words of the Seven Thunderclaps (the words of the Revelation) secret and do not write them down (do not explain them)” (Revelation 10,4). Twenty centuries later, when the Beast appeared, Jesus also appeared to explain the Revelation, and sends his second messenger with the contrary order to precisely explain the enigmas:

Do not keep the prophecies in this book a secret, because the Time (of Christ’s Return) is close (the Beast having already appeared)” (Revelation 22,10).

My duty, in conscience, is to faithfully inform and make public the reasons that pushed me to publish this message.

It is not enough to read this text, to comment on it favorably or unfavorably. One must refer themselves to the text of the Book of Revelation. It’s a small Book, not long to read… and reread several times, with an open heart to the evidence and to the Truth.

How Jesus revealed the Enigma

On the 13th of May 1970, Jesus appeared to me in Beirut (Lebanon) to reveal to me the identity of the Beast. But before this vision – during many years – many other visions had prepared me for this upsetting revelation. Here are some of the most important:

Jesus appeared to me in 1968 and asked me:
“I have a secret to reveal to you that will raise many enemies against you: For my sake, do you accept?”. I answered spontaneously: “Yes”. He hugged me tenderly, then disappeared.

A few months later, He appeared again and said:
“But first, I want to know if you are a fanatic”. At that instant, I did not know what to answer. Finally, I stammered: “If to be fanatic is to believe in You blindly, this is not the case. I know why I believe in You. It is with full knowledge that I follow You”. He stared at me, did not reply, then disappeared.

However, some years later, I understand that Jesus was referring to the fanaticism of the Christians towards Islam and Muslims in particular.

A few months later, Jesus tells me:
“Many of those who do the sign of the cross on the face will refuse my biblical prophecies. They claim to believe in the Bible, but don’t even take it into account. And you, you will make the masks fall”. At that moment, I didn’t understand what Jesus wanted to say by this.

The 28th of April 1969, the Lord tells me:
“Tell them: Whoever will say Holy, Holy, Holy is the Almighty God, blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord – will see in his soul Him who will reveal the truth”
(refer to Isaiah 6,3 and Matthew 21,9)

The 4th of May 1969, I was in the Convent of the Holy Saviour, near Sidon, in the South Lebanon. I had the following vision during my siesta: The Bible was open at chapter 10 of the Book of Revelation, and the following verse clearly emerged in the French language:

“You are to prophesy AGAIN, this time against many different nations, and countries and languages and kings” (Revelation 10,11).

The word “AGAIN” appeared in capital letters and twinkled brilliantly with every beat of my heart, as if synchronized. Then, an arm (the right) of light appears, powerful, with its index finger pointing at my chest, and a very powerful voice tells me in Arabic: “This mission is entrusted to you!” At this moment, I hear the phone ringing. The Voice tells me: “This call is for you; and asking about you from Beirut. Let this be a sign that it is I who is speaking to you”. I did not get up to answer. As a host in this Convent, it is up to one of the monks to answer. The phone continued to ring for a while.

I ignored everything of the Revelation, having read it twice, a long time ago, and without understanding anything. I had retained nothing of its content, nor did it attract me. It was up to others with the knowhow to explain it. The Books of the Old Testament sufficed, messianic prophecies, the Gospels, and Jesus’ clear speeches found therein. Like most people, even amongst the priests, I was not attracted to the Book of Revelation because of the mysterious symbols it mentioned, and that discouraged most readers.

Nevertheless, this vision moved me deeply. I immediately opened the Bible at chapter ten of Revelation. I was profoundly moved to find this verse in the same place that I just saw in the vision; the only difference being that the word “again” was not in capital letters. I did not know what to think: “Perhaps it is the Devil who wants me to think that I am someone of importance”, I said to myself. I got scared, and grabbing my rosary, I addressed myself to the Virgin: “You are my Mother; enlighten me”. I then hurried to the garden to pray the Rosary. As I was passing through the garden’s gate, the doorman calls me: “Father, where were you? Why didn’t you answer the phone? Someone was asking about you from Beirut!” Seized by this exclamation, I explained that it was up to a monk to answer, and not to me. The doorman’s intervention augmented my perplexity even more. It was also another evident Sign of a celestial intervention.

At this period, I did not understand why one should “prophecy again against…”. This vision made up my first profound contact with this small Book. Yet, the vision still left me detached from it and decided to ignore it.

The 19th of April 1970, Jesus asked me:
“Why did I send Mary, our Mother, to appear in Fatima and not elsewhere? If you have wisdom, answer me”.

Unsettled, I did not know what to answer. After a moment’s reflection, I confessed timidly: “I don’t know”.

Jesus then continued gently: “Reflect more”. Seeing me paddling for an answer, He tells me smiling: “To baptize her”.
“Baptize Fatima?! That’s the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. Could this be the conversion of the Muslim?” I thought to myself.

“Fatima” is a Portuguese village where the blessed Virgin appeared in 1917, to present an important message considered secret until today. This “Secret of Fatima”, non-disclosed by the Popes, and the secret of the Revelation are the same. In the summer of 2000, Pope John Paul II maintained to reveal its content, but what was “revealed” was evidently not convincing to the clairvoyant.

The name of this village comes from “Fatima”, the daughter of a Muslim Emir, who was baptized in Portugal in the 12th century, amidst the Christian “Reconquest” of Spain and Portugal. Dead shortly after her marriage, her Christian husband, Prince Gonzalo Herminguez, names this village after her; where the Holy Virgin chose to appear. This village, therefore, is the symbol of an important baptism. Fatima is also the name of the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter. She is particularly venerated by the Shiites who consider her the “Mother of Shiite Muslims”. So, Fatima represents the Muslims, notably the Shiites, who are dear to God because of their legitimate struggle against the Beast of the Revelation. Fatima’s baptism operates through this struggle, the symbol Muslims. Our Mother, Mary, appeared in Fatima so that the whole world understands that the Muslim engagement against the Beast is blessed by Heaven. The Christians themselves should pass through this baptism to be saved.

Subsequently, the Virgin appeared to me to say: “My son, bring them to me by the Qur’an”. This incited me, much later on, to write my book: “A Look of Faith at the Qur’an”.

On the 12th of May 1970, the Lord appeared to me at the entrance of my room’s balcony in Beirut. I was in bed. He fixated a wrathful gaze, chest protruding, head held high towards the South of Lebanon; and says in Arabic: “I will not remain silent to your abominations, o Israel!”

Vision of Jesus

On May 13, 1970, Jesus revealed, ultimately, the proclaimed secret in the following way: at dawn, as I’m waking up, I see Him like a man of Light sculptured from a radiant, white marble stone, standing at my bedside. A profound peace, an assurance, and an invincible power emanated from Him.

He tells me, speaking through me to the world in its entirety: “Today is the 13th of May, day of Our Mother’s apparition in Fatima (in 1917). Open chapter 13 of the Apocalypse: The Beast is Israel!”

He disappears right after entrusting me with the key of the Revelation’s mysteries. I was all alone, and felt myself all alone facing this distressing revelation; … especially since I was pro-Israeli!

“The Beast is Israel?!” … My God, what a Declaration!!

Whilst Jesus was speaking, an infernal brouhaha attempted to cause interference in the message, which nevertheless seeped in like a buzz in my ears. However, this satanic intervention stopped suddenly, and I heard clearly and distinctly the words: “Open chapter 13 of the Revelation: The Beast is Israel”. This vision barely lasted a minute, but it transformed my whole life… like with Paul long ago on the road to Damascus (Acts 9).

After the vision, I got up stunned and opened the Bible to chapter 13 of St. John’s Revelation. I hoped not to find mention of a beast therein, especially since I had sympathy for Israel. I considered them saviors of Christians against Muslims.
I was actually shocked to find “a Beast with seven heads and ten horns”. The Beast received an “immense authority … It had a fatal wound but that this deadly injury had healed, and after that, the whole world had marveled and followed the Beast…” (Revelation 13,3), judging that no one could measure up to it: “Who can compare with the Beast? Who can fight it?” (Revelation 13,4). Only God’s chosen will fight it, those whose “names are written in the book of life of the sacrificial Lamb (Jesus)” (Revelation 13,8). I knew well that Israel had such immense power, that the “fatal wound” in question applied to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., and, all evidently, Hitler’s crime. The grand majority of men – me included – are effectively seduced by Israel, assuming that no one can attack this State. Only Fatima’s Children resist it.

A bit further, in the same chapter, I read that there is a “second Beast… servant to the first Beast, and extended its authority everywhere, making the world and all its people worship the first beast, which had had the fatal wound and had been healed… and none could buy or sell anything unless he had been branded with the name of the beast” (Revelation 13,11-17). I deduced then that the first Beast being Israel, the second Beast that supports it cannot be but the U.S.A. who protects and arms Israel. I better understood who were these “enemies that I would draw to myself”, and who were the “many peoples, nations, languages and kings against whom I will have to prophesy again”“, since the testimony against Israel today, is no longer practiced as the prophets and Jesus did in the past (for example Isaiah 1,2-4 / Jeremiah 2,26-37 / Micah 3,9-12 / Matthew 23,33-37 / John 8,44).

The second Beast at the service of the first

Facing these details, I was stupefied; I felt the reality of the message and its importance. Fear threatened me. But why is it I receiving all this? I am powerless in the face of such enemies! After this vision and this reading, I felt myself as if isolated in a world of silence. An impression of gravity befell me. I felt the need to pray, a great deal, and profoundly.

A fracas of thoughts then ensued in me: “I am a priest, and as such, I do not have to occupy myself with politics”, I thought. Yet, on the other hand, I realized that the Israeli phenomenon was not restricted to politics, since Israel refuses to recognize Jesus as the real and unique Messiah, and despite the rupture of the first Covenant (Jeremiah 31,31-33), Israel still claims to have a divine right over Palestine, under pretext that it is the land promised to the Jews.

Thus, I understood that to recognize any biblical right to Israel over Palestine meant betrayal to Jesus, and represented a counter-testimony to his spiritual and universal messianism. The problem was then well in the spiritual sphere. One should have discernment and subtleness to recognize the Beast: “There is need for shrewdness here: if anyone is clever enough he may interpret the number of the beast: it is the number of a man, the number 666” the Revelation states (13,18).

All these thoughts greatly embarrassed me because of the opposing current, powerful and dangerous, one should face. I understood then that this was the secret that Jesus had to reveal to me, and which would attract enemies unto me.

In my heart, I heard Him asking me anew: “For my sake, do you accept?” I then reconfirmed my acceptance, fully realizing, this time, why “I should prophesy again against a multitude of peoples, nations, languages and kings”.

Those of my entourage, my proper family, to whom I opened up to, stood up against me, especially those who were closest and dearest to me. This came to confirm Jesus’ warning, and made me meditate on what He said to the Apostles: “A man’s enemies will be those of his own household” (Matthew 10,36).

I ignored that these difficulties would be but the beginning of a long struggle. In fact, their hatred grew towards me when I revealed what the Lord told me in Arabic on the 15th of May 1970: “Beware of defiling your hands with the blood of the Palestinian: he and I are one, I who is, like him, rejected by the Israelis”.

Then, drawing a man towards Him, tells me: “Don’t you see the resemblance?” Both faces, in fact, looked perfectly alike.

Since then, I took it upon myself to read, and re-read the Book of Revelation many times with a renewed interest; fortified with this new Light. The more I progressed and reread, the mysterious symbols became clear one after the other. I thus understood, amongst other things, and not without stupefaction, that “the new name” of Jesus today is “Palestinian”: “Those who prove victorious … I will inscribe on them the Name of my God … and my own new name as well”, says Jesus (Revelation 3,12). And this amidst a grand scandal of “many different nations and countries and languages and emperors.” Christians and religious chiefs understand!

On Pentecost Sunday of the same year, the 17th of May, I was invited by Palestinian members of my parish to an exhibition for the Palestinian Painter Ismail Shammout. I accepted the invitation to make a first step into the Palestinian world, of which I completely ignored. There, I was strongly struck by a painting: A Palestinian fedayin, with a face proud and strong, a chest broad and naked, eyes blazing in purity and justice, standing proudly and furious, hands tied behind the back, with light reflecting on his face and chest. He is surrounded by Israeli soldiers, standing in the dark around him, their weapons fearfully aimed at him; they had a mean appearance.

The palestinian Fedayin – Ismail Shammout

Everything in this painting is paradoxical: he is prisoner, yet victorious; they think themselves triumphant, but appear defeated; he is judge and they condemned. For a long while, I stared at the man: It was the face of Jesus that I saw on my balcony who was gazing with wrath towards the South, menacing Israel. It is also the same face I had seen two days before next to that of Jesus, identical to His. At once, I heard the Master’s voice:
“As such I stood, I too, in front of the High Priest when, defying Me, asked whether I really was the Messiah, the Son of God. Having answered him affirmatively, with force and certitude, as in this painting, he became red with anger with his like, and they condemned Me to death”.

I immediately wanted to know more details about this painting. The painter tells me: “This man represents Mahmoud Hejazi, the first of the “fedayin” who was imprisoned. Actually, he is still held prisoner in Palestine, in the Israeli jails”.

Two years later, I had the grace in meeting Mahmoud, who had just been liberated. We warmly embraced each other. This reminded me of the Lord’s affectionate embrace after having accepted the revelation of the secret at the price of persecutions.
Again, the 20th of May 1970, Jesus tells me:
“Yes, the Palestinian is the stumbling block.”

I was, to this point, totally indifferent to the Palestinian tragedy; but as soon as my interest was awoken, I sought to better know this people, and make deep sense of their agonizing cry. This is the way I learned to love them, as they are, because of the great injustice done to them, and who identifies them to Jesus.

Many other divine initiatives allowed me to understand the Apocalyptic message that I am called on to reveal today. What has been mentioned is suffice for a person of good will who desires to have accurate facts. I hope, therefore, to be able to contribute in giving the reader the understanding of the situation spiritually, as revealed by Jesus, and not by interpreting it politically according to men’s point of views and the complicit media.

Thus, was handed over to me the the Key of the Apocalypse. I am called today to explain this “Small Book”, shrouded in mystery for so long. Also, one must have, as the Revelation states, “wisdom and intelligence” (Revelation 13,18) to accept this Divine Revelation, which is so clear, and so simple. One should also have faith, love for truth and justice, as well as the courage to go against the tide of the pro-Israeli policy of a “multitude of peoples, languages, countries, and kings”.

With this “Key”, we can finally open the “7 seals of the small Book” and understand all the symbolism in the Book of Revelation. As the Time announced by the Revelation is at hand, Jesus reveals the mystery in order to save men of good will – of all races and religions – and the Jews themselves from Israel’s spell.

It is of utmost importance to take note of two points that, sooner or later, should be admitted by everyone:

  1. The Book of Revelation, this obscure Book, was not given to us to remain vague and incomprehensible. We would neither have a practical, or salutary use from it.
  2. The interpretation of this small holy Book cannot be a work that is strictly human. It cannot but reach us by the means through which its symbolism was given to us, to know by divine revelation (Revelation 5,1-5). This is explained further down.

This is why I do not want to appear as those who still offer another personal interpretation of the Apocalypse. He asked me to be an informant and a faithful witness of a divine Revelation.

Finally, Jesus tells me, what was said previously to the prophet Ezekiel:

“Speak and reveal these things to my people. Whether they listen to you or not, you, speak.” (Ezekiel 2).

Presentation of the Book

The Revelation holds the prophecies that pertain to the return and final fall of Israel. This State will never reappear again. It is the end of its time. This is what Jesus called “the age of the pagans is completely over” in Luke 21,24; which means the end of the Antichrist’s time, and, according to St. Paul, the end of “Rebellion is at work already, but in secret” (2 Thess 2,7-8). It was to warn his like. “His like” today are those who believe in Him. In fact, this Book begins as so:

“This is the Revelation (Apocalypse) given by God to Jesus Christ (gives it to Jesus) so that HE could tell His servants ( believers) about the things which are now to take place very soon; he (Jesus) sent His angel to make it known to His servant John (Revelation 1,1)…
Happy the man who reads this prophecy, and happy those who listen to him, if they treasure all that it says, because the Time is close” (Revelation 1,3).

Like many Christians, St. John was exiled to the island of Patmos in 95 A.D. by the emperor Domitian. It is on this island that he received numerous Apocalyptic visions:

“I, John… was on the island of Patmos on account of the Word of God and of witness to Jesus” (Revelation 1,9).

He reveals, at two reprisals, to have received the order from Christ to write his visions in a book: “Write down all that you see in a book, and send it to the seven Churches” (Rev 1,11). “Write down all that you see of present happenings followed by what is still to come” (Revelation 1,19). This book that John wrote is the Apocalypse. It should be well established that there are two different periods here: “the present happenings”, followed by “that are still to come”. The second period concerns a particular time in the future. It is our time.

Thus, this Book, which is composed of 22 chapters, is divided into two well distinct parts: a premier part that concerns John’s period, “the present happenings”, and a second part that concerns a future period, “that are still to come”. The mission of the second Apocalyptic messenger, the Angel of the Apocalypse (Revelation 10,1-2), is specific: to explain the prophecies that concern this second period, “the future”, now accomplished and actual.

The first part

It is composed of chapters 1 to 3 and is addressed to the seven principal Churches of Asia Minor (Turkey) founded by John. It comports of exhortations to faith.

This first part, contrary to the second, is well structured. We note its logical sequence, well-ordered and rather understandable. We will not stop on these three chapters, which are not the purpose of our study.

The second part

It goes from chapters 4 to 22. It sharply contrasts from the first part, and starts as follows: “Then, in my vision, I saw a door open in heaven and heard the same voice speaking to me … saying: ‘Come up here: I will show you what is to come in the future” (Revelation 4,1). Here then, it is about future events already mentioned in Revelation 1,19.

Some think that the chapters of the second part are like those of the first. That is, that they are applicable for all times and places, and speak of the struggle against evil in general. This is not the case, since God designates a particular time after John, and a well specified place, Palestine, as shown in the verses below:

A particular time and a well-specified place

1. “This is the revelation given by God to Jesus Christ so that he could tell his servants about what will arrive soon” (Revelation 1,1).

2. “Now write down all that you see of present happenings, and things that are still to come (the return of the Beast)” (Revelation 1,19).

3. “Come up here: I will show you what is to take place in the future (also about the return of the Beast)” (Revelation 4,1).

4. “An Angel (Jesus)… with an enormous chain in his hand… overpowered the devil, Satan, and chained him up for a thousand years. He hurled him into the Abyss, and shut the entrance and sealed it over him… until the thousand years had passed. At the end of that time, he must be released, but only for a short while” (Revelation 20,1- 3). “When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will come out to lead astray all the nations…” (Revelation 20,7).

5. “The Beast you have seen once was and now is not; he is yet to come up from the Abyss, but only to go to his destruction” (Revelation 17,8).

We ascertain three important points here:

  • The “Beast” existed in the past (“once was”), before the writing of the Revelation. This applies neither to Communism, nor to Islam, nor to Hitler, nor to nuclear weapons too
  • The “Beast” no longer exists in John’s time (“now is not”). We cannot therefore say that it symbolizes evil in general, as this exists always; nor to the Roman Empire, as some interpreters claim, because this empire still existed in 95 A.D.
  • It returns after John, since it “is yet to come up from the Abyss” (in the future). Its return coincides with the liberation of Satan (Revelation 20,7). Both come out from “the Abyss” (Revelation 11,7 / 20,1-3).

6. “Seven angels were bringing the seven plagues that are the last of all, because they exhaust the anger of God” (against the Beast, putting an end to its existence) (Revelation 15,1)

7. “Ten kings who have not yet been given their royal power but will have (in the future) royal authority… with the beast” (Revelation 17,12).

8. “Four angels that are chained up at the Great River Euphrates (Iraq) who had been put there ready for this hour of this day of this month of this year…” (Revelation 9,14-15).

It is about a well-specified place and historical moment: the Euphrates. This applies perfectly well to the international war against Iraq. Indeed the U.S.A., presided by George W. Bush senior, and their European allies had threatened this country in 1990, to intervene militarily, fixing a deadline: midnight (the hour), 15th (the day), January (the month), 1991 (the year). Effectively, this threat was immediately executed after midnight of the day announced. The international war against this country of the Euphrates is an indisputable Apocalyptic sign for all those who have a spirit of prophecy. It is the unique war in the History of the world that was fixed, in advance, “to the hour, the day, the month and the year” (Revelation 9,15). It’s a well-sounded Apocalyptic trumpet whom only the deaf cannot hear.

In highlighting the importance of this event, the Revelation mentions the Euphrates a second time as well: “The sixth angel emptied his bowl over the Great River Euphrates …” (Revelation 16,12). This second mention of the Euphrates refers to the second war launched by the United States on the 19th of March 2003 against Iraq, on the Euphrates. These two wars were launched by two American Presidents, father and son of the same name: George W. Bush (father), and George W. Bush (son).
The first, George Bush senior, is one of the “10 kings at the Beast’s disposal who have not yet been given their royal power” at John’s time (Revelation 17,12), (see next chapter about these “10 kings”). His son, George Bush Jr. – who providentially, carries the same name – is therefore the 11th king. Yet, he is one of the ten predecessors (among those whose matching name is already found), because it is his father’s work that he aspires to complete. He is therefore one of the ten kings in the same prophetic spirit by which the 8th king of the Beast is called “at the same time one of the seven”, because he strives to fulfill the works of the previous seven (Revelation 17,10-11).

9. The second war against Iraq thus comes to accomplish the 2nd prophecy concerning the Euphrates (Revelation 9,14 / 16,12). It is the war of Armageddon (Revelation 16,16). The crossing of the Euphrates by “the kings of the East” will be understood at the time of its accomplishment (Revelation 16,12).

10. “The Lord God who inspires his prophets has sent his angel to reveal to his servants what is soon to take place. I (Jesus) am Coming soon” (Revelation 22,6-7).

It is clear that these events are the signs of the Time of Christ’s Return. Understand, those who can!

11. The three verses that follow indicate that the consequent Apocalyptic events are essentially of a spiritual nature: it is about the final battle between the Christ and his like versus the Antichrist and his like. This decisive battle unfolds in a specific geographical location, namely Palestine, notably Jerusalem:

“The pagans will trample on the Holy City (Jerusalem) for forty-two months” (Revelation 11,2).

“… the Beast that comes out of the Abyss is going to make war on them and overcome them and kill them. Their corpses lie in the main street of the Great Cityin which their Lord was crucified” (Revelation 11,7-8). It is in Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified.

“When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison, and will come out to lead astray all the nations in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, and mobilize them for war… over the entire country (Palestine) and besiege the camp of the saints, which is the Beloved City (Jerusalem)” (Revelation 20,7-9).

The Beast is the Antichrist

All the biblical interpreters recognize that the Beast is the Antichrist whom John wrote of, and the Wicked One or the Enemy (of Christ: the Antichrist) foreseen by Paul. He must appear on the eve of Christ’s Return: John says: “The man who denies that Jesus is the Christ, he is the liar, he is the Antichrist!” (1 John 2,22).

Solely the Israelis deny that “Jesus is the Christ”, God’s Messiah. Islam proclaims this Truth. Even more so, the Qur’an recognizes that Jesus is the “Word of God and the Spirit of God” (Qur’an III; The Family of Imran,45).

Paul says: “About the Coming (the Return) of our Lord Jesus Christ… it cannot happen until has appeared the Wicked One, the Lost One, has appeared. The enemy (the Antichrist)… Surely you remember me telling you about this when I was with you?” (2 Thessalonians 2,1-5).

The Apocalyptic times are thus recognized by the reappearance of the Antichrist in Palestine, in the very heart of Jerusalem, to lead the final battle against the Christ. The latter will defeat it and the Antichrist will disappear forever (Revelation 17,8). This confirms what Jesus had already revealed to his Apostles concerning the End of Times: ” When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, you must realize that she will soon be laid desolate” (Luke 21,20). Let us also consider that it is the Hour of Christ’s Return.

In the parable of the fig tree, Jesus exhorts us to recognize this Time when the Beast will appear, and which precedes His Return:

“Take the fig tree as a parable: as soon as its twigs grow supple and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. So with you when you see all these things (the Beast in Palestine): know that He (the Son of Man, Jesus) is near, at the very gates” (Matthew 24,32-33).

It is therefore imperative! One should discover the identity of the Beast to realize that the Hour of Jesus’ Return has struck.

The Revelation: A Book of Judgment

The Book of Revelation is a book of judgment: It condemns the Beast and its allies (Revelation 14,9-11), but accords Eternal Life to those who unmask it and fight it. The judgment is presented in the following way:

“Then I saw a great white throne and the One who was sitting on it… The Books (the Holy Scriptures) lay open! And another Book (the Revelation) was opened, which is the Book of Life, and the dead were judged from what was written in the Books” (Revelation 20,11-12).

These “dead” represent the whole of humanity, plunged in the mortal darkness of ignorance; they are not the souls who left this earth for the Hereafter. All those who, from here on, hear the Message of this open Book and put it in practice, come back to spiritual Life: “Happy the man who reads this prophecy, and happy those who listen to him, if they treasure all that it says…” (Revelation 1,3). In the past, Jesus employed the same language: “The hour is coming – indeed it is already here – when the dead will hear the Voice of the Son of God, and all who hear it will live” (John 5,25). It is, of course, to retake life spiritually. It is the “1st Resurrection”, which the Revelation speaks of (Revelation 20,5). The “Small Open Scroll” comes to give this Life – to those who hear it, people of the whole world who “hear what the Spirit is saying” (Revelation 3,22).

So, this “other Book”, opened after the first, is the Revelation. It was kept closed, “sealed with seven seals in the hand of the One (God) sitting on the Throne” (Revelation 5,1). It is opened to our intelligence after the other Biblical Books, for it is the last one that has been understood. Today, as in the past with the first Apostles, Jesus returns to His new Apostles “to open their spirits to understand the Scriptures”, and particularly to the Revelation (Luke 24,45).

It should be pointed out that “the One sitting on the white Throne” (Revelation 20,11) no longer holds in His hand this Book that He kept closed in chapter 5,1 of the Revelation. The reason being that “The Lamb (Jesus) came forward to take the Scroll from the right hand of the One sitting on the throne” (Revelation 5,7), to handover to the Angel who “had in his hand a small scroll, unrolled” (Revelation 10,2), as was previously explained in chapter I. This Book (scroll) is the Apocalypse, small in volume, yet grand in Wisdom.

From the instant this “Small Book” opened (Revelation 10,2), the judgment of the world is in course: Those who take sides for the Beast, the Antichrist, be they Christians, oppose Christ; and those who fight it, be they pagans, join Christ’s spiritual army. The Divine Judgment is brought about by the Jesus’ triumph and his like, and by the definite defeat of the Beast and its allies: “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings … They are all of one mind in putting their strength and their powers at the Beast’s disposal, and they will go to war against the Lamb … but He will defeat them, He and his followers, the called, the chosen, the trustworthy … (Revelation 17,12-14) … Then I saw the Beast, with all the kings of the world and their armies, gathered to fight the Rider (Jesus) and his army. But the Beast was taken prisoner, together with the false prophet who had worked miracles on the Beast’s behalf… These two were hurled alive into the fiery lake of burning sulphur” (Revelation 19,19-21).

So, we take notice of two opposing camps: that of the Beast versus that of the Rider. The protagonists of the first camp are: the Dragon, the Beast, the ten kings and their armies.

The protagonists of the 2nd camp: the Rider, His army, the Woman, the two Witnesses, the Angel. In the following chapter, we give more ample details on the protagonists.

Summary of the Story

The Apocalyptic events and their protagonists are presented symbolically in a manner that is interwoven, and of a disorderly fashion so that all is only understood at the time the small Book is opened. Here are the protagonists and a summary of the narrative.

The protagonists allied to the Antichrist


Jesus, at the time of his first advent, chained up the devil:

“Now sentence is being passed on this world; now the prince of this world is to be overthrown”, Jesus had said in John 12,31.

The Revelation predicted the release of the devil after a thousand symbolic years:

“I saw an Angel (Jesus) come down from Heaven… He overpowered the Dragon… and chained him up for a thousand years… When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will come out to deceive all the nations in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, and mobilize them for war… they will come swarming over the entire country and besiege the camp of the saints, which is the City that God loves” (Revelation 20,1-9).

The devil, after having been chained by the Christ, is freed from the Abyss by the Antichrist, the Beast, given the symbol of the Star (of David). The Revelation says:

“Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from Heaven onto the earth (the fallen Beast), and the angel was given the key of the Abyss (the hell). When he unlocked the shaft of the Abyss, smoke poured out of the Abyss like the smoke from a huge furnace so that the sun and the sky were darkened…” (Revelation 9,1-2).

This refers to, of course, the Sun of Justice and of Truth. It is the spiritual Light goes out on earth. It is because of this that “the sun goes black” (Revelation 6,12 / Matthew 24,29). The complicity between Satan and the Beast is perfect. The latter frees the devil who in turn, brings it back to the “Promise Land”. The Christ rejected collaboration with the devil. The Antichrist, on the contrary, searches for it. The satanic clan, thus formed, is supported by the second Beast with the aim of implanting the Beast in Palestine to base, against the explicit Will of God, a Zionist kingdom (see 1 Samuel 8 and the text “The Tragedy of Jesus”).

The Beast

A “Beast” existed in the past, no longer existed in the year 95 A.D., the date the Revelation was written. John sees its resurgence in the future, but to disappear forever:

“Then I saw a Beast emerge from the sea: it had seven heads and ten horns with a coronet on each of its ten horns … (Revelation 13,1) … It is the number 666 … (Revelation 13,18) … This Beast you have seen was once alive (in the past, before 95 A.D.) and is alive no longer (in 95 A.D.) it is yet to come up from the Abyss, but only to go to its destruction (Revelation 17,8)… Never to be seen again” (Revelation 18,21).

Israel is the unique State that existed in the past (before 95 A.D.) as a Kingdom, and no longer so in the year 95 A.D., having been destroyed by Titus in the year 70 A.D.

Under Solomon, this Kingdom had reached the crux of its glory and became the famous Solomonian Empire. Nothing but “the weight of gold received annually by Solomon amounted to 666 talents of gold…” (1 King 10,14 / 2 Chronicles 9,13). To discover the Beast’s identity, one should compare its “number 666” to the gold (666 talents) that entered Solomon’s coffers. Because the Beast dreams of re-establishing Solomon’s Empire, “Greater Israel”, in which the number “666” becomes its symbol. To note, as “it is a number of a man” (Revelation 13,18), this means that this Beast is the symbol of a human group.

666, symbol of the Beast and “the Great Israel”

In 587 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar put an end, for the first time, to the Jewish kingdom. This Kingdom was then re-established by the Romans in 37 B.C., with Herod the Great as king. Jesus announces the coming end of this second Israeli kingdom: “His disciples came up to Him to draw his attention to the Temple buildings. He said to them in reply, ’You see all these? In truth I tell you, not a single stone here will be left on another: everything will be pulled down” (Matthew 24,1-2). In fact, Rome, who had re-established the Kingdom in Israel, put an end to it a second time, a hundred years later. In destroying Jerusalem and the Temple in the year 70 A.D., the Roman General Titus accomplished, without his knowledge, the prophecy of Christ. The Revelation predicts the return of the Beast, a third time, but to go definitely to its destruction: “Never to be seen again” (Revelation 18,21 / 19,19-21).

The power of the Beast

At the time of its third apparition, The Beast returns to the world armed with great power that is conferred to it by “the Dragon” and its ally “the other Beast” (Revelation 13,11):

“The Dragon had handed over to it his own power and his throne and his immense authority” (Revelation 13,2).

It should be underlined that it is Satan – and not God – who supports the Beast, and that it is still he who assembles his subjects from “the four quarters of the earth” to Palestine (Revelation 20,7-8).

“Then I saw a second Beast, emerging from the earth… and he exercised all the power of the first Beast on its behalf…” (Revelation 13,11-17).

The “Injury” of the Beast

The Beast was fatally wounded at the head, but its deadly wound was healed: “I saw that one of its heads seemed to have had a fatal wound but that this deadly injury had healed” (Revelation 13,3).

This deadly injury is the symbol of the two destructions sustained by Israel in the past, and evokes also Hitler’s crime. The prophet Jeremiah employed this expression at the time of Jerusalem’s destruction by Nebuchadnezzar:

“May my eyes shed tears, night and day, unceasingly, since the daughter of my people has sustained a fearsome wound” (Jeremiah 14,17).

The Beast, healed from its fatal wound, reappears glorious, powerful, seductive and well supported by its allies: the “Dragon” and the “second Beast”. The world admires Israel’s “resurrection”.

The Beast’s power of seduction

The world is in admiration in front of this healed Beast who reappears with glory and power. Everyone declares that no one is capable of fighting it:

“The whole world had marveled and followed the Beast… They prostrated themselves in front of the Beast, saying: ‘Who can compare with the Beast? Who can fight against it?’ (Revelation 13,3-4) … And the people of the world, whose names have not been written since the beginning of the world in the Book of Life, will be marveled when they see how the Beast (was), and is no more…” (Revelation 17,8)

As a matter of fact, no one dares to pretend to defeat the State of Israel. The great power of this small State resides over a set of diverse and important plans (military, social, media, finance, international lobbies, etc …). This gives it an international empire that intimidates, even paralyses the majority of men. Willingly or by force, the world follows Israeli policy. Even the Vatican dares not to oppose it, or even to testify of the Messiah, Jesus, in face of this State’s power. No one expects the tragic outcome that Israel will undergo, a conclusion prophesied by the Revelation.

Duration of the Beast and its fall

The Beast is given a symbolic period of “42 months”, to triumph, to implant itself through war, all over Palestine, and to occupy Jerusalem, before its sudden disappearance (Revelation 11,2):

“The pagans (the Beast’s subjects) will trample on the Holy City (Jerusalem) for forty-two months.”

They are considered “pagans” (pagans) because of their refusal of Jesus.

“When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will come out to lead astray all the nations (the pagans already mentioned)… Gog and Magog (symbol of the pagans), and mobilise them for war (not for peace: ‘shalom’)… They came swarming over the entire country (Jewish settlements) and besieged the camp of the saints, which is the beloved City (Jerusalem). But fire rained down on them from heaven and consumed them” (Revelation 20,7-9).

The Zionist Jews, false Jews according to Revelation 2,9 / 3,9, pushed by Satan, not by God, come to Palestine from the four quarters of the world. “Seduced”, they rushed there fueled by the myth of the “Promised Land”. There they settled, by war, and not by peace, all over the country, until they proclaimed Jerusalem as their capital. John foresaw the sudden and certain destruction of the State of Israel in the form of a “fire that came down from heaven”.

The Second Beast (The Ten Kings)

Following the first Beast, John sees “another Beast”, which works to establish the empire of the first Beast by imposing it on all nations, by any means necessary. This second Beast is also qualified as “the False Prophet” (Revelation 19,20), because it speaks in favour of the first Beast and falsely prophesies its success (the true prophecy, on the contrary, predicts its defeat). It is also represented by the “ten horns” on the first Beasts’ heads, which represent the “ten kings” at its service:

“Then I saw a second Beast… it exercised all the power of the first Beast on its behalf… and to have anyone who refused to worship the image of the beast put to death… it made illegal for anyone to buy or sell anything unless he had been branded with the name of the Beast…” (Revelation 13,11-17).

The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet been given their royal power, but will have royal authority only for a single hour in association with the Beast. They are all of one mind in putting their strength and their powers at the Beast’s disposal” (Revelation 13,1 / 17,3 and 17,12-13).

“But the Beast was taken prisoner, together with the false prophet who had worked miracles on the Beast’s behalf…” (Revelation 19,20) “… Then the Devil who led them astray, was hurled into the lake of fire and sulphur, where the Beast and the false prophet are…” (Revelation 20,10).

One should underline that these ten kings appear at the same time as the Beast. The unconditional support of the United States of America to Israel reveals the identity of the second Beast. The “ten kings”, are the ten presidents of the USA since the foundation of Israel in 1948, from Truman to Clinton who is the tenth: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton.

George W. Bush Jr is the eleventh, and yet one of the ten, because of his father, who carries an identical name.

If it were not for these ten American kings, Israel neither would have existed, or survived…

In the end, disappointed by their work, the “ten kings” (starting from the reign of the eleventh: Bush Jr) and the Beast itself will destroy Israel, by striking “Jerusalem”, its heart. It will be a sort of auto-destruction: “But … the ten horns and the Beast will turn against the Prostitute (Jerusalem)… and burn the remains in the fire” (Revelation 17,16). When this happens, we will better understand by which means the living Christ will destroy the Antichrist.

The Prostitute is “the woman riding a scarlet Beast” (Revelation 17,3-5). John explains that “the woman you saw is that Great City (Jerusalem) which has authority over all the rulers on earth” (Revelation 17,18). She rules over the “10 kings” and, through them, on the other heads of States and respective armies. John saw her “split into three parts”: Jewish – Christian – Muslim (Revelation 16,19), putting an end to the Zionist dream.

“I saw that she was drunk, drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Revelation 17,6)

Those who collaborate with the Beast have their names forever blotted out of the Book of Eternal Life; the chosen are those who fight it:

“All people of the world will worship it, that is, everybody whose name has not been written down since the foundation of the world in the sacrificial (crucified) Lamb’s (Jesus’) Book of Life” (Revelation 13,8-9).

“In the arms of this father filled with sorrow, a Palestinian child victim of Israeli violence” (Photo Reuters – L’Orient le Jour – 05.20.2004)

The protagonists allied to the Christ

“The Rider”

The Rider of the Apocalypse is Jesus, the “Word of God. He makes war in justice against the Antichrist, the Beast of the Revelation and its allies”:

“And now I saw heaven open, and a white horse appear; its Rider was called Trustworthy and True; in uprightness he judges and makes war… the name written on Him was known only to Himself (Palestinian), his cloak was soaked in blood (martyrs of the Beast). He is known by the name, The Word of God. The armies of Heaven (Hezb Allah, etc…) rode on white horses” (Revelation 19,11-16).

The mysterious name, “known only to Himself” means that Jesus will assume a new appearance known only to Him, and to those to whom He wishes to reveal (Revelation 3,12). It is thus that He returns “like a thief” (Revelation 3,3 and 16,15 / 1 Thessalonians 5,4 / 2 Peter 3,10).

“The Woman”

In the centre of the Revelation, a radiant Woman appears:

“Now a great sign appeared in Heaven: a woman, robed with the sun, standing on the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Revelation 12,1)

This Woman is Mary, the Messiah’s Mother:

“The Woman was delivered of a boy, the son (Jesus) who was to rule all the nations with an iron scepter” (Revelation 12,5)

The devil wages a war against the Woman and her children:

“As soon as the Dragon found himself hurled down to the earth, he sprang in pursuit of the Woman, the Mother of the male Child… (Revelation 12,13) … Then the Dragon was enraged with the Woman and went away to make war on the rest of her children, who obey God’s commandments and have in themselves the witness of Jesus (against the Beast)” (Revelation 12,17)

It is this Woman, the Virgin Mary, who appeared in La Salette (France) in 1846 to denounce the clergy’s treason, and announce the following apparition of the Antichrist, supported by the 10 kings. She also predicted the coming of the Beast (see the text “La Salette”). Mary again appeared in Fatima (Portugal) in 1917, to warn the world of Apocalyptic cataclysms, and leaving the Popes with the task of divulging a secret in 1960. They never revealed it.

Pope John-Paul II, claimed to have revealed it in the summer of 2000, yet this secret remains buried by the Vatican mafia. We believe that this secret puts the world on guard against the Antichrist and even its Vatican infiltration. The Virgin had explicitly revealed, in La Salette, that it will be born “of a religious Hebrew woman” (Zionism), and that “his father will become Bishop” (Israeli-Christian collaboration). She also revealed, that “Rome will lose the faith and become the siege of the Antichrist”. Although the secret of Fatima reveals the identity of the Antichrist to the world, the Pope had not the courage to do so. Jesus Himself unmasks His Enemy by revealing the identity of the Beast on the 13th of May, 1970.

The Virgin’s Apparition in our era is an undeniable Apocalyptic sign.

The “Two Witnesses”

God arouses His “two witnesses” to prophesy against the Beast. This latter will triumph over them and kill them. The world rejoices and congratulate each other over their death:

“I shall send my two witnesses to prophesy (against the Beast)… The Beast that comes out of the Abyss is going to make war on them and overcome them and kill them… The people of the world are glad about it and celebrate the event by giving presents to each other, because these two prophets have been a plague to the people of the world” (Revelation 11,3-10).

Accused of “terrorism”, the two witnesses of God are scorned by the whole world. These “two witnesses” are two peoples: the Palestinians and the Lebanese, of South Lebanon mainly, who struggle against the Beast, and not those who collaborate and submit to it. These two categories of men are mentioned moreover in St. John’s Revelation, who sees “the souls of all the people (the Palestinians, the 1st Witness) who had been killed on account of the Word of God, for witnessing to it (this witnessing is the resistance against Israel). They cried out loudly (with all their hearts), ‘Holy, True Master, how much longer will you wait before you pass sentence and take vengeance for our death?…’” God’s response is “to be patient a little longer, until the roll was completed of their fellow-servants and brothers (the Lebanese, the 2nd Witness) who were still to be killed as they had been” (Revelation 6,9-11).

These two witnesses “have the power to lock up the sky so that it does not rain as long as they are prophesying; they have the power to turn water into blood and strike the whole world with any plague as often as they like…” (Revelation 11,6).

These symbolic verses go in the following sense: these two witnesses have the power to stop, through military actions, that any peace process in the making, is to its detriment (a “false peace” as the Holy Virgin said in La Salette). In fact, “the sky” and “rain” symbolize the peace and prosperity blocked by the resistance of the two witnesses against the Beast.

The “power to turn water (of baptism) into blood”, means that the witness’ blood that is shed in their resistance against the Beast, is a testimony for Jesus that makes them worthy of baptism; not by water, but by blood (the baptism of Fatima). God even considers them “crucified” like Jesus: “The Beast that comes out of the Abyss is going to make war on them and overcome them and kill them… in which (Jerusalem) their Lord (the Christ) was crucified” (Revelation 11,7-8). This baptism by blood renders them disciples of Christ, since He is their Lord.

The “Angel” of the Revelation

This “Angel” sent from Heaven is a man, as explained in the first chapter.

The Beast having appeared, Jesus revealed the Apocalyptic mystery to his “Angel”. He then sends him, “in his hands a Small Scroll Unrolled” (Revelation 10,1-2), so as to explain its contents: “Do not keep the prophecies in this Book a secret, because the Time is close” (Revelation 22,10).

One characteristic of this messenger is that he comes from the East (in relation to Patmos); he is therefore, an Oriental. In fact, John says: “Then I saw another angel rising where the sun rises (the East), carrying the Seal of the living God…” (Revelation 7,2).

It is from the East, from Lebanon – here where the Messiah revealed to him the Mystery of the Book of Revelation – where this man is sent to explain the contents of this Book. The “Seal of the Living God” is this same “Small Book”. Those who believe in this Message are automatically “marked” chosen by God. This chosen selection is made before the great and universal cataclysm (nuclear war) that will put an end to the two Beasts’ hegemony over the world:

“… He (the Angel) called in a powerful voice to the four angels… ‘Wait before you do any damage on land or at sea or to the trees until we have put the Seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God’” (Revelation 7,2-3).

Jesus had already predicted this dreadful day that precedes His Return and changes the face of the world:

“… on earth nations in agony… men dying of fear as they await what menaces the world (the nuclear weapons threaten the whole world)… And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with Power and great Glory”, but He hastens instantly to reassure his like, those who are marked by the Seal of the Living God: “When these things begin to take place, stand erect, hold your heads high, because your liberation is near at hand” (Luke 21,25-27).

The Reasons for Hermeticism: The sealed Prophecy is explained at its Time

The Apocalypse remained a hermetically sealed Book for several reasons. The main reason is that the prophecies therein had not yet been accomplished. Moreover, every prophecy cannot be well understood but after its historical accomplishment. Likewise, the prophecies concerning the Messiah’s Advent in the Old Testament could not be fully understood until the coming of Jesus. For example, no one expected that the Messiah would be put to death by those who so eagerly waited for him. Also, chapter 53 of Isaiah, which speaks of the Messiah put to death by his people, was incomprehensible before Jesus’ crucifixion.

In the same way, the Apocalyptic prophecies concerning the Beast were totally obscure. As soon as the Beast appeared, the Christ Himself then intervened to clarify the prophecies in which the Beast had been revealed. Without this divine intervention, these prophecies would have remained hermetically secret.

In the past, Jesus appeared to the disciples of Emmaus after his Resurrection: “Then, starting with Moses and going through all the prophets, he explained to them the passages throughout the Scriptures that were about Himself (Luke 24,27)… He then opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, and He said to them: ‘So it is written that the Christ would suffer and on the third day rise from the dead’” (Luke 24,45-46). If Jesus had not explained the prophecies that concerned Him to His disciples, their spirit – and indeed our own – would not have been opened “to the intelligence of the Scriptures”. Likewise, had Jesus not explained the Revelation, this “small Book” would have remained closed, inaccessible to our intelligence.

With regards to the biblical prophecies, St. Peter says:

“We must recognize that the interpretation of scriptural prophecy is never a matter for the individual. For no prophecy ever came from human initiative. When people spoke for God it was the holy Spirit that moved them” (2 Peter 1,20-21).

The explanation of the Revelation given here, should be highly stressed, is not a “personal explanation”, but a divine revelation made by Jesus Himself. If, before the 13th of May 1970, the Apocalypse was still obscure, was because the Holy Spirit had it not yet explained. Men had tried to give a personal explanation, but on their own initiative. They were not mandated by God.

Two factors contributed in guarding the secret of the Revelation hermetically for so long:

1. The Apocalyptic prophecies were not yet accomplished: Many people, with regards to these prophecies, “tried to find out at what time and in what circumstances all this was to be expected”, as Peter said (1 Peter 1,11). Yet all these human researches ended up in vain, because neither “the time” nor “the circumstances” were yet fulfilled. Ever since 1948, the date of the Beast’s apparition, the Apocalyptic times and circumstances have become evident in the world. Therefore, the Christ appeared, the 13th of May 1970, to reveal their prophetic dimension in opening the “Small Book”.

2. The text of the Revelation presents the events in a particularly complicated manner. This maintained its message perfectly secret, even after the Beast’s return. If Jesus had not given “the Key”, the Revelation would have remained hermetic because of the three following factors:

  1. The entanglement between events and protagonists
  2. The varied repetitions of the same event
  3. The different symbols for a same reality

The Entanglement

The events and the protagonists are confusing. They do not appear in an organized manner, nor in a chronological order of events. In reading the Revelation, do not expect a sequence of events that are related. There is such an entanglement between protagonists and events, that we lose the thread of ideas. Like the Beast for example, is all of a sudden mentioned briefly in chapter 11,7 – nothing but one passage – without prior presentation, as if the reader is supposed to know its identity. It passes thus, totally unnoticed. It is then spoken of again at length in chapters 13 and 17, where it is presented in detail, pointing out its ferocious character, its prior existence, its disappearance, and finally, its reappearance with force in a vague place, before disappearing forever. But it also takes the “key” to understand all this. It is through the explanation revealed by Jesus that we reach this, a force of patience, to place the pieces of the Apocalyptic “puzzle” together; each one in its place. Without this “Key”, the readers will find themselves lost in the meanders of this Book.

Varied Repetition

The story of the same event is repeated under different forms. Such is the case with the book of Genesis, about the two dreams of the Pharaoh interpreted by Joseph: the dream of “seven ears of corn” and that of the “seven cows”. Both dreams had the same interpretation: they announced the seven years of famine that follow the seven years of abundant harvest. Joseph explained to Pharaoh that “the reason why Pharaoh had the same dream twice is that the event is already determined by God, and God will shortly bring it about” (Genesis 41,17-32).

In the Revelation as well, there is repetition under different symbols because God decided adamantly to act against the Beast at the time of its return, and will destroy it forever, once and for all …

  1. A first presentation of the events run from chapter 4 till chapter 8,1: The Lord is on his Throne to judge humanity by a Book closed by 7 seals He holds in his hand. In chapter 5, the Lamb (Jesus) comes forward to take the Book (Revelation 5,7), and in chapter 6, He breaks the seals, one after the other. Four horses (it is the Beast) appear with their riders to provoke war and famine (Revelation 6,1-8). Witnesses of God are executed by these four riders “under the altar” (Revelation 6,9-11). Finally, God answers the prayers of these martyrs (Revelation 6,9) and manifests His anger against the Beast (Revelation 6,12-17). After its fall, a new era opens in the world (Revelation 21 & 22).
  2. A second presentation of the same story immediately follows with different symbols. It goes from chapter 8,2 up till the end of chapter 9. Here, the 7 seals are replaced by 7 trumpets held by 7 angels.

    Between this second presentation and the third that follows it – from chapter 10 till chapter 15,4 – in symbols, tangled up, jumbled up, the protagonists of the Story appear: The Angel, the two Witnesses, the Dragon, the Woman, the Beast, the Second Beast, the Chosen.

  3. A third presentation of these events is repeated from chapter 15,5 till chapter 16. The symbolism also differs from the others: it is 7 Angels who carry 7 bowls filled with God’s anger.

At each seal that is broken, at each trumpet that is sounded, and at each bowl that is emptied on earth, these are the same events repeated under different symbols.

The varied form of symbols

The same protagonists are presented under different symbols:

The Beast of chapters 13 and 17 is also represented by:

  • The “four horses” of devastation (Revelation 6,1-7)
  • The mountain (of Zion) hurled into to the sea (Revelation 8,8)
  • The star (of David) that falls from heaven onto the earth (Revelation 9,1)
  • The “Pagans who will trample on the Holy City” (Revelation 11,2)
  • “Babylon the Great” (Revelation 18,2)
  • The “nations” (pagans), “Gog and Magog” gathered from the four quarters of the earth to Jerusalem, the “Beloved City” (Revelation 20,7)

The symbols most difficult to understand – and here one should pay attention – are in chapter 17,9-11: The “seven heads (of the Beast) are seven hills” on which the famous prostitute sits (they are the seven hills upon which Jerusalem is found on: Mount Zion, Mount Moriah, etc … Revelation 17,9). It is also the “seven emperors” (Revelation 17,10). These emperors represent Israel’s past history as a kingdom: the 5 emperors who have already passed represent the Beast that “was”. He who still lives represents the Jews who were secretly striving to restore the kingdom of Israel under the Roman Empire. Paul names them “the mystery of impiety already at work” (2 Thessalonians 2,7). The seventh emperor who “is yet to come; once here, he must stay for a short while” represents the Beast who comes back in the world, and who “must stay for a short while… is at the same time the eighth and one of the seven”. Israel, back, but not under the form of a kingdom as in the past, “is at the same time the eighth and one of the seven”, because it represents these “seven emperors” of Israel’s past and incarnates the whole of Israeli History. The Israelis still hope to restore the Kingdom of David and the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem; they still proclaim Jerusalem as capital and City of King David.

This variety of symbols is also applied with the numbers:
The “42 months” (Revelation 11,2) are the “1260 days”: 42 months = 1260 days (Revelation 11,3 / 12,6).

This same period is called “a year and twice a year and half a year” (Revelation 12,14). More explanations are given in the next chapter.

Explanation of Numbers and Symbols

The number “666”

666 talents of gold

We have seen that the number “666”, the number of the Beast, indicates to the 666 talents of gold that Solomon received annually from neighboring countries (1 Kings 10,14 / 2 Chronicles 9,13). Israel today, dreams of having in its coffers, annually, an identical entry that would be equivalent to more than 17,000 kgs of gold (17 tons!). Such wealth that can be taken from the Arabs by Israel (oil etc…), would not only considerably raise Israel’s economy, but signify Israel’s moral hold over the Arab nations… even the whole world. The number 666 symbolizes thus, the zionist pretense: Greater Israel.

Symbol of failure

The number 6 is the symbol of failure. It is the fate of the 6-pointed Star, symbol of Israel. Prophetically speaking, the number 6 is the symbol of Evil and imperfection, in contrast to the number 7, symbol of good and perfection. When Jesus asks to forgive “7 times or 77 times” (Matthew 18,21), it should be understood that forgiveness must be granted fully to those who ask for it sincerely, not only the number of times (7 times), but far beyond this, until the symbolism of the number 7, to forgive perfectly, with all one’s heart. Likewise, the “7 seals” of the Book signify that its secret is perfectly guarded. The “7 horns of the Lamb” indicate his Omnipotence, and his “7 eyes”, his perfect vision of the soul (Revelation 5,6).

In the context of the Revelation, the number 6, one degree below 7, is thus the symbol of a work that is fruitless, aborted, which flows in an eternal torment, instead of leading to the rest of the “7th Day”. God created the Universe in 6 days, but “rested on the 7th day” (Genesis 2,2). The man under the sign of “7” enters into God’s Repose. St. Paul says that the “rest of the 7th day” is reserved to Jesus’ disciples. This is why he invites the recalcitrant Jews to believe in Jesus: “none of you must think that he has come too late for it (to God’s Rest)… There must still be, therefore, a place of rest reserved for God’s people, the seventh-day rest (Jesus disciples)… We must therefore do everything we can to reach this place of rest” (Hebrews 4,1-11).

Jesus, Himself, invites all men to enter this Rest: “Come to me, all you who labor and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11,28-29). We pray that the Jews answer to this invitation by the Messiah. They will then understand that the zionist plan reserves for them neither peace, nor security, and that the only true Rest is found in the faith in Jesus. Those who refuse to go to Him are themselves condemned to an eternal exhaustion; they are marked by the devil’s seal: the “6”: they will never penetrate the “7th day” of eternal Rest. This is why God says in the Apocalypse (Revelation 14,11):

“The smoke of their torture will go up forever and ever. There will be no respite, night or day, for those who worshiped the Beast or its image”

As for those who combat the Beast, they are those who, maybe not known to them, practice the “resistance in the Saints who keep the commandments of God and faith in Jesus” (Revelation 14,12). They will be introduced into God’s eternal repose:

“Happy are those who die in the Lord! Happy indeed, the Spirit says; now they can rest for ever after their work, since their good deeds go with them.” (Revelation 14,13)

The alliance of the three protagonists of evil

The triple repetition of the number 6 (666), represents the alliance of the three protagonists of evil: “the Dragon”, “the Beast”, and “the second Beast”. These three allies are marked by the number 6 and are united under one number: 666, as they work together to build the Empire of the Beast. In one hand, “the Dragon had handed over to it his own power and his throne and his immense authority” (Revelation 13,2), and in the other, the second Beast, it as well, “exercised all the power of the first beast on its behalf” (Revelation 13,11-12), with its “ten kings, who are all of one mind in putting their strength and their powers at the beast’s disposal” (Revelation 17,12-13). It indeed is, an evil tripartite alliance.

The world press reports ceaselessly that the leaders of the two Beasts continually cover the earth to assemble the kings of the whole world – especially Arab leaders and kings – so to rally them onto the American position and impose peace with Israel. This “false peace” will end up as a war symbolically called “Armageddon”. John says: “I saw three foul spirits come… they were demon spirits… going out to all the kings of the world to call them together for the war of the Great Day of God the Almighty… They called the kings together at the place called, in Hebrew, Armageddon” (Revelation 16,13). The Apocalypse stresses that this name is in Hebrew. In this language, this means Mountain of Megiddo (Ar, in Hebrew, means mountain). Megiddo, near Haifa, is the place of the Israelis’ troops total defeat against Egypt in 609 B.C. (2 Kings 23,28-30 / 2 Chronicles 35,19-25). The Pharaoh Neko killed king Josiah, in whom the Israelis had put all their hopes. This was the beginning of the collapse of Israel. In fact, about twenty years later, Nebuchadnezzar invaded Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple of Solomon, putting an end, for the first time, to the Israeli kingdom. Since then, to the Jews, Megiddo became the symbol of defeat and extermination of Israel. A new Megiddo, as great as a mountain (Ar), is reserved for the Beast… and its allies.

The “42” months

“For 42 months the beast was allowed … to do whatever it wanted” (Revelation 13,5), and “the pagans (the Beast) will trample on the Holy City (Jerusalem) for 42 months” (Revelation 11,2). This means that the Beast and the pagans are one and the same. However, God will raise against them his “two witnesses to prophesy for those 1260 days” (Revelation 11,3), which is to say that they will prophesy against the Beast during the whole period of its occupation of Palestine, as the “42 months” equal “1260 days” (42 x 30).

During this same period, the “Woman”, symbol of the Apocalyptic Apostles, flees “away from the Serpent into the desert, to the place where she was to be looked after (by the Apocalyptic Message) for a time, two times and half a time (three times and a half)” (Revelation 12,14). These three times and a half are the “42 months”, or “1260 days”, that are equivalent to three years and a half. This same period is also symbolized by “three days and a half” (Revelation 11,9), period of the persecution of God’s two Witnesses, on whom “Men out of every people, race, language and nation will stare at their corpses, for three-and-a-half days” (Revelation 11,9). Television has showed “to the peoples” of the whole world, the Palestinian and Lebanese victims persecuted by Israel. They were, and always still, killed, imprisoned, and expelled from their demolished homes and lands, to be replaced by Israeli settlements.

Since the prophet Daniel, this period of “three times and half a time” has become the symbolic duration of all injustice and persecutions in general (see Daniel 7,25).

This period, which is presented differently every time in the Revelation, misleads the reader, and contributes in making the text impossible to comprehend. Here is the explanation: The Beast must occupy Palestine for “42 months”. During this time, which equals “1260 days”, God’s “Two Witnesses” resist it, and the Apostles of the Apocalypse, the “Woman’s” children, are chosen and isolated, as in “a desert”, to “be looked after” by the Book of the Revelation (Revelation 12,14). They are invited “to take” this Book from the Angel’s hand who holds it open, and “eat it in order to be able to prophesy AGAIN”, them too, with the Two Witnesses, “against many different nations and countries and languages and kings” allied to the Beast (Revelation 10,8-10).

The “horns”

The horns symbolize power. Satan appears in the Revelation in the form of a “huge red Dragon (sign of fury) with seven heads and ten horns, and each of the seven heads crowned with a coronet” (Revelation 12,3). The Beast also has “seven heads and ten horns, with a coronet on each of its ten horns, and its heads were marked with blasphemous titles” (Revelation 13,1).

An important detail passes unnoticed: The Beast has “seven heads and ten horns”; the crowns are not on its heads, but on its ten “horns”, symbol of the “ten kings”, who put their power at the Beast’s disposal. As for the Dragon, who bears his crowns on “each of the seven heads”, as he draws his power from himself. He is the crowned king of Evil.

The “4 horses” and their riders

The 4 horses of chapter 6,1-7 are the same entity: The Beast. They oppose the “4 Living Animals” around the throne (Revelation 4,6-8) who represent the 4 Evangelists. Each Evangelist allows one of the 4 horses to come into the world with its rider in shouting: “Come!” The 4 Evangelists have given life to the world. On the contrary, the power given to these 4 riders is “to kill by the sword, by famine, by plague and through wild beasts” (Revelation 6,8). These wild beasts are the two Beasts of the Revelation, which are allowed to “come” and put man to the test.

The Apocalyptic weapons

St. John saw three types of weapons that were nonexistent at his time: the planes, the bombs and the tanks. These are the Apocalyptic weapons that make up the Beast’s power.

The “locusts” (planes and helicopters)

John saw apparitions of strange “locusts” of war. They are planes and helicopters:

“… locusts dropped on the earth… these locusts were like horses armored for battle (these are weapons of war)… and faces that seemed human (they are conducted by men)… They had body-armour like iron breastplates (the plane’s metallic body), and the noise of their wings sounded like the racket of chariots with many horses charging (the din of the motor engines in the wings)” (Revelation 9,3-11)

Air battles are a new dimension of war and signal the apocalyptic times. The warplanes are Israel’s principal military power, conferred to them by the U.S.A.

Israeli aircrafts

The “Hail” (the bombs)

Bombs are represented by “great hailstones” predicted in the Revelation, and that was never before seen in the world. Each piece weighs “a talent” (the size of modern bombs). This dreadful hail causes terrible disasters on the earth: “And hail, with great hailstones weighing a talent each, fell from the sky on the people… it was the most terrible plague” (Rev 16,21).

Israeli missiles

This disastrous hail appears at the same time as the “locusts” of war. The bombs, including fragmentation, napalm, and nuclear, used by the two Beasts and their allies, are powerful weapons against all those who resist them. This scourge was announced by the prophecies to signal the Apocalyptic times.

The “horses” (the tanks)

John says: “In my vision I saw the horses, and the riders with their breastplates of flame color, hyacinth blue and sulphur yellow; the horses had lions’ heads, and fire, smoke and sulphur were coming out of their mouths” (Revelation 9,17).

Israeli tank

The prophecies on the Apocalyptic arsenal could not be understood before the appearance of predicted weapons, which was unthinkable in John’s time, and even till the beginning of the XX century.

The geographical place

Palestine is the principal centre of the Apocalyptic events. Two texts draw our attention to this country, and especially towards Jerusalem, the “Holy City”, and the “Beloved City”. It is here that the Beast’s appearance is prophesied:

“The pagans will trample on the Holy City for 42 months” (Revelation 11,2)

“Satan leads astray all the nations in the four quarters of the earth… for war… They came swarming over the entire Country (Israeli settlements on the whole expanse of Palestine), and besieged the Camp of the Saints, which is the Beloved City (Jerusalem, particularly longed for by Israel as the capital)” (Revelation 20,7-9).

The country, where Satan assembles his men, is recognizable by the citation of the “Beloved City”.

The characteristics of the Beast

  1. It existed in the past, disappeared, and must reappear.
  2. It reappears in Palestine with power and it seems invincible.
  3. It had a deadly wound, but recovers.
  4. It holds a great international power.
  5. It represents a group of men.
  6. A powerful nation supports it and imposes it on the world.
  7. It appears with airplanes, bombs and tanks.
  8. It will shed a lot of innocent blood.
  9. It denies that Jesus is the Christ.
  10. It will be destroyed by the Armageddon.

The appearance, in 1948, in Palestine, of the State of Israel supported by the US, a State formed by Jewish colonists who flocked in from the 4 corners of the earth, to settle themselves on the whole extent of the country in order to proclaim Jerusalem as capital, is a sign that the Apocalyptic Time is here.

After the Fall

The Restoration: a new Heaven and Earth

After the definite fall of the Beast, God will inaugurate a new era in the world. John sees “a New Heaven and a new Earth” (Revelation 21,1), and says that: “The One sitting on the Throne spoke: ‘Look, I am making the whole of creation new’” (Revelation 21,5). This New Universe had already been prophesied by St Peter: “What we are waiting for, relying on His promises, is the New Heavens and the New Earth, where uprightness will be at home” (2 Peter 3,13). (See text: “The Universal Restoration”).

Such is the story of the Revelation recounted simply and methodically. It was not revealed to John in a clear and consistent manner, God wanting to keep the content secret (Revelation 5,1 & 10,4) until the moment of the Beast’s appearance, on the eve of Christ’s Return. He sends, then, his messenger to explain all: “Do not keep the prophecies of this Book a secret, because the time (of Jesus’ Return) is close” (Revelation 22,10). This secrecy was desired by God “to put the people of the world to the test” before Jesus’ Return (Revelation 3,10-11).

It is in this way the Christ actually probes the hearts: “It is I who search hears and loins”, says Jesus (Revelation 2,23). The chosen are those who side with Justice in fighting with courage and determination against the Beast, even at the cost of their own lives. They establish – by their resistance to the Antichrist – the Kingdom of God and of His Christ on earth:

“Salvation and power and empire for ever have been won by our God, and all authority for his Christ, now that the accuser (the Beast), who accused our brothers (the two witnesses) has been brought down. They have triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word to which they bore witness, because even in the face of death they did not cling to life” (Revelation 12,10-11).

The Revelation relates the story of the return of Israel, the Beast, the Antichrist, and its final definitive condemnation. Its fall will manifest the power and the glory of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, who’s Kingdom will remain forever.

The Kingdom of God on earth

The seventh trumpet resonates: it announces the Kingdom of God and of Jesus on earth after the fall of the Antichrist:

“Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and voices could be heard shouting in Heaven calling, ‘The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and his Christ, and He will reign for ever and ever” (Revelation 11,15)

The Divine Light, extinguished by the Dragon and the Beast, will shine again in the hearts thirsty for Love and Truth. They will live with God in them and become the Temple of God:

“To those who prove victorious I will give the hidden manna and a white stone* – a stone with a new name written on it, known only to the man who receives it” (Revelation 2,17)

*Certain Bibles use the translation “white pebble” instead of “white stone”. “Pebble” is translated from the Greek word “psyfon”, the language with which the Revelation was written. Now in Greek, this word means “pebble” or “stone”. It is the word “stone” that should be translated (as correctly translated in the Bible TOB, Traduction Œcuménique de la Bible), because the word “pebble” cannot be used to build a construction.

The word “stone” has a resonance that is prophetic and evangelic, which the word “pebble” does not evoke. In telling Peter: “You are Peter and, on this rock, I will build my community” (Matthew 16,18), Jesus consecrated this word. He reuses it in the Revelation so to build His immaterial Church of the End of Times. This is not a material building, but represents the Apostles of the Apocalypse, building stones of the Spiritual Temple that is formed of them and all those who believe in the Apocalyptic message revealed by Jesus to His messenger. Indeed, these are considered “living stones” of the Spiritual Temple, non-material, of the Heavenly Jerusalem, of which Jesus is the “corner stone” (read 1 Peter 2,4-5: “So that you, too, may be living stones…”, 1 Corinthians 3,16 / 6,13-20 / 2 Corinthians 6,16 / Ephesians 2,10).

In the Revelation, Jesus also qualifies the victorious believer a “pillar in the Sanctuary of My God” (Revelation 3,12). The Apocalypse confirms this new world order:

“Then I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, the first heaven and the first earth had disappeared now, and there was no longer any sea (death of the soul)… I will give water from the well of Life free to anybody who is thirsty… I will be his God and he will be my son… I could not see any Temple in the City since the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb were themselves the Temple… There will be no night there…” (Revelation 21).

“Let all who are thirsty come: all who want it may have the Water of Life, and have it free” (Revelation 22,17)

Father, may your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen!

“O yes, come Lord Jesus! Amen!”

“… Let anyone who can hear, listen what the Spirit is saying to the Churches” (Revelation 2,7)

Pierre (1978 / Revised 2005)

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