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To our Brothers

To the Jews our Brothers

The worst doctor, is the one who, out of compassion for his patient, hides the truth from him by claiming exceptional health when such is not the case. The true diagnosis must be revealed. True love implicates Truth.

Likewise, there is no worse antisemitism than hiding from the Jews their errors. They have suffered a great deal since Nebuchadnezzar up until Hitler, including Titus in between… there have been many holocausts.

However, this people have always refused -up to this present day- to listen to the prophets, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Yeshua (Jesus). This refusal of the Word of God has been disastrous to them. Would they hear His Word today? They cannot find this Word in the Talmud, nor in the Kabala; not even in their rabbis’ nationalistic assurances, and least of all, in leaders such as Ariel Sharon. These Jews are the Jewish people’s greatest enemies and make up the worst antisemites.

The blessed Creator never destined Judaism to turn into a political State. In the past, the Jews asked Samuel to establish a Jewish kingdom; but the answer was that this displeased God: the one and only King of the Jews (1 Samuel 8,6). In spite of this, they crowned Saul as their first king and later confessed that, by doing so, they “have added to all their sins this evil of asking to have a king.” (1 Samuel 12,19). The prophet Hosea also stated God’s anger against this kingdom:

“They have set up kings, but not with my consent, and appointed princes, but without my knowledge… (Hosea 8,4) … In my anger I have given you a king and, in my wrath, I take him away.” (Hosea 13,11)

This is why the kingdom of Israel was fatally defeated in the past. It was God’s punishment. Yet today, we have a “resurrected”, powerful, and well-disguised Israel! Most Jews cling to it as savior. They see it as a sign of the Messiah’s advent. The prophecies have announced its return to sound up men’s faith (Joel 4,9-14). Israel’s “resurrection” seduced the world as predicted. Pope John Paul II himself received Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exclaiming: “God bless Israel!” This is contrary to God’s openly declared opinion. By this statement, the Pope drowned his fellow-man in error, and this is the worst form of antisemitism.

The prophecies have also announced Israel’s final disappearance after its victorious return (Revelation 17,8). This is when the Messiah’s triumph and the resurrection of all those of pure of heart in the world will come about. The “few remnants” of Jews will then return to Yeshua of Nazareth: the one and only true Messiah (Isaiah 10,20-22 / Amos 6,8-10).

To these “few remnants”, we open our hearts lovingly. We urge them to reconsider their view of the Messiah. They will find none other than a misunderstood carpenter, despised and put to death by his own people as the prophet Isaiah had so well predicted:

“… without beauty, without majesty (we saw him), no looks to attract our eyes; a thing despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering… He was despised and we took no account of him… Harshly dealt with, he bore it humbly, he never opened his mouth, like a lamb led to the slaughterhouse… He was torn away from the land of the living…” (Isaiah 53)

We pray to God to unite his Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children. Children dispersed by religions and sects.

To the Christians our Brothers

To be a true Christian is not a matter of heredity or baptism. Nor is being plunged into water sufficient for one to emerge as a committed Christian. Any faith, like love, is a matter of choice: one can only choose one’s faith after having known, understood, appreciated and desired it.

Most Christians have become like this; not through faith, but through social customs. They practice their faith by hating and killing non-Christians; rather than loving them and trying to understand them. We have known many Christians who express their faith by hating Jews, Muslims or different races. They are not Christians by choice or by commitment to the person of Jesus Christ whose Name they bear (Christian derives from Christ). How many Christians believe that Jesus of Nazareth is really the Messiah predicted by the biblical prophecies? How many are capable of justifying their faith by these prophecies and are able to explain them? This is what the first Jewish disciples of Jesus used to do. This is what St. Peter also recommends us to do (1 Peter 3,15).

How can a Christian despise a Jew or a Muslim just because they are different?

Jesus Himself is from the Jewish people, and so are His twelve apostles. We differentiate, off-course, between Jews and Zionists, as we do so between authentic Christians and so-called “Christian nations”. Again, how can Christians have an aversion towards Muslims, considering them inferior, or pretesting that they reject certain fundamental Christian beliefs? We recommend our friends to refer to the text: “A Look of faith at the Qur’an”, in which we demonstrate that the teachings of the Bible and the Qur’an are one and the same; contrary to what some misinformed “believers” claim.

In some Oriental Countries, the so-called ‘Jews’, the so-called ‘Christians’, and the so-called ‘Muslims’ fight ferociously amongst themselves, for each to establish their own nation. Yet, faith is one thing and this type of nationalism is another altogether. No religion; be it Jewish, Christian or Islamic; justifies the establishment of a religious nation which is political. Jesus never wanted such a kingdom on earth: “My Kingdom is not of this world” (John 18,36). Hatred and wars spawn from the political concepts of religion. The Vatican, by proclaiming itself a “State” in 1929, betrayed its spiritual Mission.

It is our hope that true Christians, Jews and Muslims will discover the brotherhood that links them together with other fellow man, and thus restore the Kingdom of the Messiah on earth (see text: “The Universal Restoration”).

We pray to God to unite his Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children. Children dispersed by religions and sects.

To the Muslims our Brothers

Most Muslims consider Islam as a new religion and independent from what was revealed in the Bible to both Jews and Christians. On the contrary, God declares the Qur’an was inspired by Him in order to confirm the Biblical message before it; and that the One and only God inspired both Holy Books:

“Say (O Muslims): ‘We believe in what has been sent down upon us (the Qur’an), and sent down upon you (the Bible). Our God and yours is One God (the same), and to Him we submit (Muslims).’” (Qur’an XXIX; The Spider,46)

The fanaticism which contaminated Jews and Christians did not spare Muslims either. We do find tolerant Muslims, however, there are fanatics who turn into fundamentalists. They disregard the Qur’anic verses that are meant to unite the Biblical and Qur’anic communities. They stop, as the Qur’an says, at “what is ambiguous therein, seeking discord and seeking to unravel its interpretation. But none knows its interpretation save God, while those deeply rooted in knowledge say: ‘We believe in it. All is from our Lord.’” (Qur’an III; The House of Imran,7).

How many do really understand?

The Muslims are far from being united as there are fundamentalists who kill their fellow believers in mosques. How many people reason in finding a way to stop some Muslims from imposing practices never prescribed by God in the Qur’an? We notice different customs from one Islamic country to another; particularly concerning restrictions imposed on women, when such prescriptions are not imposed by the Qur’an. On this note, many intransigent laws are prescribed, not by the Qur’an, but by those who interpret the ambiguous verses of the Qur’an, “seeking discord”.

The Islamic world awaits the “Mahdi”, the spiritual Guide to be sent by God in order to orient the believers. We fully agree with all the Muslims, especially those in Iran, who proclaim: “No Mahdi except Issa (Jesus)”.

However, when one speaks to certain Muslims about Jesus, they rebuff them. To them, speaking of Jesus means giving Him a predominance over the Prophet Muhammad. This is fanaticism. Muhammad never reacted fanatically.

On the contrary, this noble Prophet qualified the Messiah as “the Word of God” and “the Spirit of God” (Qur’an IV; Women,171). He never applied such qualities to himself. He also admits in his “Noble Discussions” (Hadith) that “no man is born without being touched by Satan at birth. All cry at birth as a result of this satanic touch; all save Mary and her Son”.

In saying so, the Prophet puts Jesus and his Mother above Himself, and this shocks many Muslims… (One can find this Hadith in the Qur’anic interpretation by “El Jalalein” of the verses 35 from the Sura III, The House of Imran; it is a Hadith related by Abu Houraira , see It is also reported in a slightly different way by Al Bokhari, see the original French book “L’authentique tradition musulmane, choix de hadiths”, Fasquelle, p.48; also see our text: “A Look of faith at the Qur’an”)

Muhammad also revealed that, at the end of times, when the Antichrist (Al Massih al Dajjal) will appear, none other than Jesus Himself and his followers will fight against him (see Hadith No. 1806 and 1808 in Sheikh Sobhi Saleh’s book on the Prophet’s Noble Discussions “Manhal el Waridin”, as well as our text “The Antichrist in Islam”).

Jesus is truly the expected Mahdi and His Return was also announced in the Gospels (Matthew 24,30).

We pray to God to unite his Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children. Children dispersed by religions and sects.

Pierre (2002)

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