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The biblical course

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Lesson 14 – John’s Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is a prophetic book which reports the events and protagonists of the 20th century. This tumultuous time is that of the reappearance and end of a Beast: the Antichrist, on the eve of the Return of Jesus.

This Book was revealed to John, the Apostle of Jesus, in the year 95 AD.

See the Text: “The Key of the Apocalypse”

Lesson 15 – Study of the Themes

The Afterlife

Read the text: “The Afterlife”

You complete your spiritual formation by opening up yourself to the Qur’anic inspiration. Study “A look of faith at the Quran” and the booklet “The Antichrist in Islam”.

Doctrinal theology

A knowledge of “Theology” will complete your “scholarly” formation and help you grow spiritually. Each religion has its theology. Christian theology is divided into two parts: doctrinal theology and moral theology.

The doctrinal theology
The insignias we need to know and which are based on the Holy Scriptures:

  • One God and the Trinity
  • God creator
  • God Incarnate (Christology)
  • The Sacraments
  • The Virgin Mary (Mariology)
  • The notion of God’s people, etc…

The study of this Biblical Course contains several theological teachings.
The Apocalypse brought new light, notably on the notion of who the people of God are, treated in traditional theological works in the chapter on “the Church”, as well as the notion of the “Priest”.

Moral theology

  • The Ten Commandments
  • Social and international justice, etc…

This moral is simplified in one phrase by Jesus: “Love God and your neighbor as yourself” … Here ends the third stage of this Spiritual Itinerary which consists of -as already mentioned in the beginning of the course- choosing and deepening the chosen spiritual path.


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