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The Bible confutes Israel

Conference presentation

From the former MP of Southern Lebanon, the Shiite attorney Abdallah GHOTEIMI.
The conference took place in the Cultural Centre for Southern Lebanon (Beirut) on the 21st March 1985.

The deep knowledge I have of the personality of the catholic priest Pierre allows me to resume his presentation in few words:
The rebel believer: he believes in God, in the first prophets’ mission and in the Essence uniting all the divine religions. He believes in the letter when it conforms to the spirit, while he clings to the spirit when the letter, in the inspired books, does not correspond to it.

He rebelled to the richness of the clerical appearances and to their aristocracy, because they don’t harmonize with the simplicity and the modesty of Jesus Christ.

It’s really an amazing and ridiculous contrast to see a servant or a disciple luxuriously adorned, and at the same time despised by the master. This servant dares to wear the most sumptuous clothes and jewels, the most beautiful and expensive ones during his service to his master. What can we say when this Master is no one but Jesus, the son of Mary, who said: “Come to me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls”. He has been the guide for the rich who wanted to follow Him telling them: “Go sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in heaven: and come follow me”.

Our tonight lecturer is a rebel against the false concepts taught by those who wrongly present themselves as God’s voice among the believers, as well as he is a rebel to the diverted and deceptive practices belonging to a religious lackey whose purpose is disapproved by the Mercy and Just God, even when it is about the head of the Church in Vatican…

He is a believer who has the courage to speak.

His courage exploded at the beginning of the stirrings of the bloody and cursed confessional fighting which is oppressing our Homeland since years and which prevents the righteous from revolting, imposing them a sad silence. However this fighting has thrown into devil’s arms those who had pretended to be the only right ones.

At that time, since the beginning of the fighting, the priest Pierre, alone among the priest, rose up –and he didn’t stop yet to rise up- to cry “NO” to the false religious and, when the divine Master called him to the effective fight, he left his clinic to join the ranks of the brothers and worthy children: the fighters against Israel and their allies in this country.

The first article written by Pierre dates back to the 20th November 1975 in which he denounced the clerical members who don’t deserve to bring the cross. This article has been published by the journal “Al Moharrer” under the title “Open letter to Kamal Joumblatt” with the headline “Come to the true Cross”.

Now allow me to stop here the thread of my ideas to underline coincidences attracting the attention:

  • the fact that this conference -to my knowledge, it is the first of this kind in Lebanon- coincides with the commemoration of Kamal Joumblatt’s martyrdom, this great martyr of the Lebanese Calvary martyrized at that same time in the year 1977 and to whom Pierre sent his first letter
  • the fact that this conference coincides with the first day of spring, season of the blooming of the sprouts of our National mystical Revolution against the Israeli invasion and the omen to see the spreading of the vivifying perfume of our mystical revolution to incorporate countries and nations…
  • the fact that this conference coincides with the month of the beginning in 1982 of the Israeli invasion and, in 1985, with its disastrous flee from the South of our country under the merciless shots of our rebel and victorious people.
  • the fact that this conference, finally, coincides with a new political event on the Lebanese scenario, that is to say the pseudo-revolt of the Lebanese Front of Samir Geagea aiming at the accomplishment of the Zionist plan, with or without the knowledge of its authors. We cannot but notice –whether one likes it or not- that this conference appears as an injunction against the Zionists of this country.

I take again the thread of my ideas to talk about the article written by our lecturer. These articles followed one another in the journal “Al Moharrer”; the main articles were entitled:

  • “The Maronitism is a faith, not a race”, on the 25th December 1975.
  • “Who are the prophets today?”, on the 12th January 1976.
  • “O Progressives, let you progress therefore”, with the headline “The victory imposes the union”, on the 19th January 1976.
  • “The beast is Israel”, on the 21st February 1976.

Last article written by our lecturer has been an open letter to the pope John Paul II in which he denounced the welcoming of Shimon Peres into the Vatican, as opposite to the Gospel Spirit. This letter has been published by the journal “Al Safir” on the 26th February 1985.

Pierre wrote several books to explain the true faith and to denounce the deceptions, laying bare Israel and its ally the “Black not White House” of Washington. Washington should be US capital, but in truth it is an Israeli colony, as the American deputy Paul Findley showed in his book “They dare to speak out”. Notwithstanding that, the US leaders still claim, and with the most flagrant arrogance, to be the leaders of the so-called free world. A sad freedom, truly, that led by a miserable Zionist lackey.

Our lecturer succeeded in making his message reach, thanks to a constant work, the very heart of the Zionist lobby, founding some centres in different countries to denounce Zionism and to destroy it by the Torah and the Gospel, thus awakening the Western conscience subdued by the Zionists to a brain washing through hits of biblical texts, surely not inspired by God, as our lecturer will demonstrate.

Given that Israel hides its territorial ambitions on our Homeland by religious and biblical masks, in addition to the thousands political masks, the security measures and other things, and given that the accomplishment of the Israeli dream on Southern Lebanon is a decisive step on the way through the consolidation of the biblical state of Israel, we have decided to fight Israel with its biblical weapons without sacrificing the other ways of fighting, so that the Bible Itself could be the judge between ourselves and Israel.

By doing that we demonstrate that we have deeply understood the meaning of the Zionist fighting against us and that we have become fully aware of the Zionist essence and the Israeli entity.

This way we could fight Israel being fortified and armed with the spiritual arguments and at the same time we could liberate us as well as all mankind from the evil of this odious and destructive Zionist racism.

Thus the subject of this conference: “The Torah (the Bible) confutes Israel”.

Here to you Pierre to announce you the Good News.


I greet you, my brothers, in the name of the Merciful, Compassionate God. I greet you in the name of the prophets martyrized in the past for their “NO” to Israel. The Jews killed them as well as today they kill our sons and daughters: the martyrs from Southern Lebanon sacrificed to have said, and to say again “NO” to Israel.

I greet you in the name of the prophetic word triggered and liberated starting from Southern Lebanon: “NO” to Israel because God’s prophecy and word now on earth are “NO to Israel”. This word has made Southern Lebanon the sanctuary of our age, its glorious Holy City and its honoured Mecca, after having been baptized with the Lebanese blood in Sidon, Maarake, Zerayrire, Rashaya, Western Bekaa and in the villages that covered in blood resist to the Israeli occupier. This occupier has slaughtered in our blessed South our women, our children and men who have dared to say “NO” to Israel in the name of God.

Today 21st May is mother’s day. It is a good chance to honour two mothers who have offered two martyrs for the justice: I mean the Virgin Mary and Fatima (Fatima is the prophet Muhammad’s daughter) who have offered Jesus and Hussein. Therefore I greet you Mary and Fatima mothers of the believers, and of the martyr believers in particular.

Allow me to express my pride and my consolation to be here in this blessed hall of Southern Lebanon, because the dear Southern Lebanon has made my head raise again, has reinforced my pride to be Lebanese and my testimony against Israel. I have spoken about my consolation for being in this hall of Southern Lebanon, and this word has been inspired to me by my saint intercessor the martyr sheikh Ragheb Harb. I have heard from him at the television in the commemoration of the first year after his martyrdom this word he had told just before his martyrdom one year ago: “In Southern Lebanon there is no place for those who don’t want to resist to the Israeli occupier up to the martyrdom. Because from this South the blood sheds, but this bloodshed turns into a balm to heal many wounds and to console many hearts.” At that time I felt consolation filling my heart, as he reminded me of a prophecy revealed by the prophet Isaiah in chapter 53 of his book, about 750 years before Christ’s martyrdom, and in which Isaiah spoke to the Jews who were waiting then –as they are still today- a military slaughterer messiah like Ariel Sharon; Isaiah told that the Messiah who was to come would have been meek and humble-hearted and would have been rejected and denied by the Jews, and that He would have undergone sufferings and death by their hands, but thanks to His wounds we would have been healed.

And with the wounds, the blood and the martyrdom of Ragheb Harb, and those like him, we raise the head, we are healed and we annihilate the Israeli enemy. Ragheb Harb knew martyrdom when he was 33 years old exactly like the Christ. There is a symbolism for those who want to understand. I have understood that the blood that is shed today in Southern Lebanon like that shed yesterday in Palestine in Deir Yassin and elsewhere, is the same of that shed on the Golgotha in Jerusalem where the Christ has been crucified and in Karbala where Hussein has been put to death. When I have been invited to lecture in this hall representing Southern Lebanon, I have felt that Ragheb Harb was inviting me to his home in the name of all martyrs and in the name of Jesus and Hussein. Then I have accepted with all my heart.

The topic of this conference is “The Bible confutes (denounces) the State of Israel”. I have searched for a title that could orient the audience reflexion: “The Bible refutes Israeli Ambitions”, etc. However I have realized that the most precise title is: “The Bible confutes the State of Israel” because it expresses my very intention. In fact the Bible confutes Israel as a political state of whatever kind and wherever it could be, independently from its ambitions, whether it has it or not.

Before talking about the subject I think it would be useful to explain the meaning of the word “Zionism” in relation to “Judaism”. “Judaism” is a religion, a monotheistic faith inspired by God. Zionism is the rotting of the Judaism and its deviation toward the worldly materialism and racism.

The word Zionism comes from the Mount “Zion” one of the five mounts on which the old Jerusalem has been built. The second most important mount to the Jews is Mount Moriah on which Salomon had built the first Temple on the supposed site where Abram would have offered his son as a sacrifice to God. Today on this site is the Omar Mosque called the “Mosque of the Rock”, that the Zionists would destroy to build their Temple at its place.

King Salomon had built his royal palace on Mount Zion. Gradually the Jews’ attention has been diverted from Mount Moriah, where the Temple was, to be fixed on Mount “Zion”, where the royal palace was. This palace built on Mount Zion has become the symbol of the Jews’ existence at the point that they have chosen for themselves the name “Zionists” in relation to a political entity, to a worldly and earthy kingdom that God and His prophets displeased, as we will see, instead of choosing as a name, for example, “Moriahs” as a reference to the Mount Moriah on which the Temple was built, an entity symbolizing the spiritual, not temporal, message of Judaism. Thus, by the name they have chosen, the Zionists have shown to have politicized the spiritual and to have betrayed the divine Covenant.

Zionists’ purpose today is to gather the Jews from all over the world in Palestine around the king of Israel who should be the Zionist messiah impatiently awaited by the Jews to establish again the Zionist Kingdom in Israel. This kingdom dynasty is supposed to last, according to the Jews, until the end of times and to give to the Jews a complete political, economical and military hegemony over the world. Now the Judaism purpose, on the contrary, is meek and humble aiming at gathering all mankind into an unique spiritual family as Jesus has explained.

The prophets and Jesus afterwards have refused to support the Zionist plan. They have denounced this satanic plan with courage and that has been the reason why the Jews have martyrized the prophets and have refused Jesus –who has opposed to Zionism up to the Cross- as the Messiah announced by the prophets. The Jews refuse still today to believe in Jesus for the same reasons of their ancestors.

This lecture is divided into three parts:

  1. The biblical texts tracing Israel borders. I will show that these texts, denounced by the prophets themselves, have been introduced wrongly by the scribes in the Bible to justify the Zionists’ expansionistic spirit
  2. God and the prophets’ refusal to establish a political state in Israel
  3. The relationship between Israel, the Antichrist, and “Gog and Magog”

I will end my lecture by revealing what the Bible says about Lebanon, about its role for salvation.

The Zionist texts wrongly introduced by the scribes in the Bible

After this introduction I present you my lecture “The Bible confutes Israel”. I will show you how the biblical books of the Old Testament denounce the state of Israel and confute the biblical arguments presented by the Zionists in favour of Israel.

Exceptional events, wars and revolutions are taking place today in the world and particularly in the Middle East, since the apparition of the state of Israel after World War II. This state has materialized the Jews’ lusts repressed for more than twenty centuries. We the Lebanese, after our brothers the Palestinians, have lived and live still now these happenings in our flesh and in our conscience, with an intensity ever equalled.

With the apparition of the state of Israel the whole world is going through a trial, a conscience crisis that measures men’s faith without their knowing. Man, consciously or unconsciously, goes through a conscience trial equalling a judgement. This Zionistic trial befalling the WHOLE world is the UNIVERSAL trial Jesus spoke of in the Gospels, and the Revelation spoke of in chapter 3,10. This universal trial probes the real intentions and the good faith of each man in this end of times before Jesus’ final Return as the Judge of the world.

The world goes through crisis and Lebanon groans under the burden of a heavy cross due to the Zionist racism established in Palestine in a State called Israel; it refutes Jesus Christ’s Spirit and it has been qualified by Paul as God, prophets and men’s enemy in his first letter to the Thessalonians (1 Thessalonians 2,14-16). Israel has secretly laid his hatred everywhere in the world on all men and particularly in Lebanon where its crimes have been committed openly. After having plundered Palestine, the Zionists have tried to take possession of Lebanon too. The Israelis have robbed spoiled, sent into exile, persecuted innocent ones in the concentration field even here in Lebanon. Two people have particularly suffered because of Israel: the Palestinians and after them the Lebanese, and that with the support and the blessing of the so-called free and Christian western world which has armed Israel hand and has made it strong against us.

The Bible, not Hitler’s holocaust, has been the main reason for this western support to Israel, because the Zionists have obtained Europe favour, and particularly that of England, since the beginning of XX century, before the above mentioned holocaust. Someone, still dozing in the materialism and torpid in carelessness, keeps on sleeping, as the foolish virgins of the Parable, and refuses to use the powerful weapon of the Bible against Israel when the latter utilizes this weapon against us, furthermore the Bible itself justify us and condemns the state of Israel as we will see.

The Zionists have struck all the sensitive chords to abuse the Europeans and the Americans. Through the Jewish Masonry and the Jewish organization B’nai B’rith –which means children of the ally- the Zionists succeeded in infiltrating into the European and US masonry lodges and in winning the hearts and the listening of the Western Christians thanks to two powerful means: the Bible and Hitler’s holocaust.

The Jews showed themselves before the Christians like lambs slaughtered by the Nazism thus obtaining the sympathy of the European and American powers and their support against the Arabs, even if the latter were innocent of the Nazis crimes. The international Zionist movement has especially deceived the Christian conscience in the West –that believes in the Bible- by the Bible Itself.

For centuries the international Zionism has been working to settle the world Jews in Palestine. The Jewish leaders have pressed purposely for the help of the Russian Tsar, the Vatican Popes and the Turkish Sultans. However, all their efforts have been vain. Finally at the beginning of this century, the Zionists have struggled to obtain the Britain Empire support and the Bible has been the tool to be able to convince the English leaders.

The first clue of the Zionists efforts appeared on the political ground has been the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1916 by virtue of which England and France decided to carve up between them Middle East at the end of World War I. By this agreement France obtained the mandate upon Syria and Lebanon while England upon Egypt, Iraq and Palestine to favour the Jews gathering in Palestine.

The second sign of the biblical support provided by the West to the Jews appeared in 1917 with the promise of Lord Balfour, British minister for the Foreign Affairs. By virtue of this promise England pledged officially to help the Jews to immigrate to Palestine to found a Jewish home. It is useful to remember that the Jews obtained these real results 25 years before Hitler holocaust only by referring to the biblical texts.

The Zionists, still today, carry on their plan to win Western Christians’ sympathy by the biblical texts. Those who have read US deputy Paul Findley’s book, recently published in episodes in the journal “Al Safir” here in Lebanon, entitled “They dare to speak out”, will have no difficulties in believing in what I have said. Paul Findley denounces the Zionist activities in his country, in particular the Zionist lobbies, and he had been attacked himself by the Zionists for not having been submitted to them. This American deputy, among other things, has said in his book:

“Many Americans, conservatives and others, support Israel by the pretext of the common cultural and political values and as a reaction to Hitler’s holocaust. Many conservatives believe that Israel creation in 1948 has been a biblical prophetic accomplishment and that Israel will keep on playing a central role in the divine plan”.

“Many Christians think the support to Israel to be a predominating component of the interpretation of Christian teachings. Indeed they believe Israel to deserve Christian support, because on one hand its existence is the accomplishment of biblical prophecies, and so they multiply the references to the biblical texts of the Old Testament to reinforce their opinion, on the other because they believe the Jews to be always those of the biblical times, that is to say the chosen people”.

Thus dared to speak an American deputy who has suffered the persecution organized by the Jews and the Zionist lobby of his own country. This persecution has been orchestrated against him only because he has witnessed the Zionist slyness, and he has refused to be violated by their deceptive arguments on all levels, comprised the biblical ones.

Those, who have caught the biblical Spirit and have followed the behaviours of the world Zionism to win the Western world sympathy by the Bible, think it is necessary to reveal the real Bible attitude towards the state of Israel. In fact the Bible is full of texts condemning the creation of a political Jewish state. However we see that many Christian religious and political leaders have been led astray by supporting the false Israeli claims and have been led to believe to the false biblical interpretations to which some today Jews had recourse.

The Bible has a great influence over the Christian conscience and Jews know it, as the Qur’an has a great ascendency over the Muslim conscience. That’s why the Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, when he went to meet the former US president Jimmy Carter, brought, according to the Israeli radio, a biblical map of Palestine to convince Carter of his moral duty to support the State of Israel. Jimmy Carter, known for his attachment to the Bible, have thus declared that by supporting Israel he was defending God’s cause. So this way through the Bible the Israelis succeeded in convincing many Christians that being against Israel was a sin. This is exactly the contrary of what we claim here.

Thus some Zionist leaders behaved and still do with Western world, striking all the sensitive chords and using the Bible Itself to usurp Western public opinion and to get the economic, moral, affective and finally military support of the so-called Christian countries.

Some French and US bishops have even published declaration in favour of Israel, pushing their believers to support this state. Some has turned this support into a moral duty. This deception has spread up to us in the East, where we have seen Christians defending Israel to the detriment of their country, and Christian religious leaders reaching out hands to Israel to help it or to claim for its help against their own compatriots.

Israel biblical cupidity extends from the Nile to the Euphrates (Genesis 15,18). This is represented on Israel flag where we see the Zionist Star, six-pointed star, between two horizontal light blue lines therefore symbolizing the Nile and the Euphrates.

Many in the East have moved away from the Bible believing that it supported unjustly this unfair State, and that it justified Israel numerous crimes. Thus they rise up against the Bible instead of denouncing the Zionists misusing it.

Those in the East who don’t believe in Israel legitimacy feel detached from the Bible and believe in its falsification as they argue that God could not inspire unfair texts. Those ones refuse to have recourse to the Bible to denounce Israel and fall into the trap set for them by the Zionists to move them away from the Bible in order not to discover what in the Bible condemns them.

To believe in the Bible falsification is to provide Israel with a double service, because on one hand this increases the Western Christians’ aversion towards the Orientals who denounce Israel and refuse the Bible, and on the other those, who fight Israel by moving away from the Bible, neglect this powerful biblical weapon that proves they are right against the Israeli usurper.

So we realize that the Zionists work on one hand to form an alliance with their Christian friends, thanks to the biblical texts in favour of them, and on the other to move their friends away from the Bible for the fear they could discover what condemns them.

In this field we need to stay objective with a lot of discernment not to be dragged by a morbid and impatient enthusiasm. This could lead us to hasty and superficial conclusions like to believe in the Bible falsification or yet to be dragged by racist feelings: two dangers we should avoid at all costs. This is why we must acquire a big power of mind concentrations that of two great deceased wises Afghani and Mohammed Abdo who ceaselessly certified the authenticity of the biblical texts of Old and New Testament that have come to us.

Moreover the archaeological finds, in particular those of the Qumran rolls near the Dead Sea, discovered in 1947 and dating back to 200 years B.C. testify the authenticity of the actual Biblical text. This is the text Jesus and the prophet Muhammad had known and which the Qur’an has certified in several verses like the following:

“Those to whom We gave the Book recite it as it should be recited, they are the ones that believe therein. And who so disbelieves in it, those are they who are the losers” (Qur’an II; The cow,115).

As far as I am concerned, I believe in the Bible and in its actual text not to belong to the losers.

Some people after hearing that the Bible supports Israel wonder how it could be possible to reconcile the belief in the Bible with the refutation of Israel. The answer is easy: it is true that the Bible mentions geographical borders of the Israeli State, but it is also true that the Bible condemns those who work to establish this political state undesired by God.

I believe in the Bible and I think God inspired it. If I had believed the Bible to grant the today Jews a political state extending geographically from Nile to Euphrates cross the whole Lebanon, I would have been the first to be a militant in the ranks of the Israeli army or their allies to establish the state of Israel, and that at the detriment of my beloved country: Lebanon which I would have sacrificed with all my heart to satisfy the Creator, showing Him my love and my attachment to His only Will.

The Bible instead commands me to denounce Israel lust and it imposes me to fight Israel up to the martyrdom, as our sons and our daughters, our worthy brothers and sisters in Southern Lebanon do, these martyrs chosen by God who, far from being dead, are living forever close to God as the Qur’an says. That’s why, contrary to all those who, like sheep, follow blindly the pro-Israeli current for the fear to be accused of anti-Semitism and racism, I rise up and cry as the prophet Micah has done in the past by saying:

“But yet I am filled with the strength of the spirit of the Lord, with judgment, and power: to declare unto Jacob his wickedness, and to Israel his sin” (Micah 3,8).

Now I will present the most important biblical texts used by the Zionists because they mention Israel borders. Then I will demonstrate that the Jewish scribes have introduced these texts in the Bible. I repeat: the Jewish scribes, whom the Zionist religious and political leaders had instigated, have introduced these texts in the Bible. I will explain how God, through His prophets, had denounced in the Bible Itself what the scribes have introduced to justify Israel cupidity in the name of God.

The Bible informs us about the Covenant between God and Abram in the Genesis in these terms:

“That day God made a covenant with Abram, saying: To your seed will I give this land, from the river of Egypt even to the great river Euphrates” (Genesis 15,18).

The fact that God invited Abram and his descent to settle between the Nile and the Euphrates doesn’t mean that this land is Israel propriety as a political state in the XX century. Moreover it doesn’t mean that the Jews only, and particularly the Zionist Jews of today, are Abram’s descent, because the Arabs too are Abram’s posterity. Saint Paul in his letter to the Galatians reveals that all those who believe in Jesus as the Messiah are Abram’s children (Galatians 3,29). We should notice that the Israelis don’t believe Jesus to be the Messiah. How therefore could we, according to Saint Paul’s logic, consider the today Jews as Abram’s descent? Maybe we should also think that all the millions disciples of Jesus, because of their descent from Abram, should gather between the Nile and the Euphrates, and that the non-believers should live outside these borders? Of course not.

The reason why God invites Abram and his descent to settle between these two rivers is the following: they had become nomads and were wandering from a place to another after God had asked Abram to leave Syria, his country. Then God invited Abram to settle with his own ones on the whole abovementioned extension, not to found a new political state as the Zionists want to interpret, but in order to coexist Abram and his descendants with the natives of the region, who were at that time pagan, to spread pacifically the knowledge of the only God who had revealed Himself to him.

Now the Jews, contrary to God’s plan, turned into Zionists after Abram. They were not satisfied with monotheism anymore, but desired to possess other inhabitants’ land and goods, struggling to drive them out of the region under the pretext that God had given them this land and that they were the only owners. The Bible is full of examples of bloodshed by the Israelis to establish in this region chasing the natives away with the force of the weapons.

The Jewish scribes have introduced in the Bible, instigated by their religious and political leaders, texts falsely attributed to God to justify their greed. Afterwards the prophets have denounced this deceitful habit. I will cite some examples of the most important texts referring to Israel borders:

“Joshua was old, and far advanced in years, and the Lord said to him: You are grown old, and advanced in age, and there is a very large country left, which is not yet divided by lot: To wit, all Galilee… The country also of Lebanon… to the entering into Emath. Of all that dwell in the mountains from Lebanon, to the waters of Maserephoth, and all the Sidonians. I am he that will cut them off from before the face of the children of Israel” (Joshua 13,1-7).

I wonder today: If God really said these words, why we the Lebanese didn’t flee our houses before the Israelis? Why is just the contrary happening? The world indeed is watching the Israelis running as fast as their legs will take them from Southern Lebanon. Where are the fugitive soldiers of Tsahal, the Israeli army? Where are those from the city of Hama to the north of Syria? And why does fear fill not the hearts of Sidon inhabitants in Southern Lebanon, but those of the Israelis living in the Jewish settlements in North Israel, in Galilee?

We find another text in the book of Deuteronomy where God tells the Israelis:

“Every place, that your foot shall tread upon, shall be yours. From the desert (Sinai), and from Lebanon, from the great river Euphrates unto the western sea (Mediterranean Sea) shall be your borders. None shall stand against you: the Lord your God shall lay the dread and fear of you upon all the land that you shall tread upon, as he had spoken to you” (Deuteronomy 11,24-25).

This is the biblical text.

What can we say we the Lebanese who believe in the Bible, who don’t fear today’s Jews, who have spread terror and desperation in Tsahal heart, in the Jewish army soldiers, whom we have seen fleeing under our eyes or committing suicide in group? This is what Israeli Prime Minister himself declared to the international press. Maybe the Israelis’ God did not expect what they call themselves the “Shiite terrorism”. This “terrorism” has frightened them by opposing to them, even while I am talking to you, with a resistance that gives their heart a fright.

Is therefore legitimate to wonder why the Bible says to us: “None shall stand against the Israelis”? Isn’t it rather that these Shiites, these worthy children of Fatima, have resisted with their allies before the formidable Israel war machine? And has not fear filled the hearts of the Israel soldiers who are in a hurry to withdraw from Lebanon, a fear that the inhabitants of Southern Lebanon have not known? How thus can the Bible say that God will spread terror in the hearts of all those living that country? And who is this liar and deceptive god?

Jesus answers us in Saint John’s Gospel saying to the Jews who refused Him: “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do” (John 8,44). We believe in these serious words from Jesus.

When the Israelis had to withdraw from the Sinai, they were disappointed by their “God” and by their Prime Minister of that time Menachem Begin, who had pushed them before to settle there. Their disappointment was due to the fact that they believed the Bible had promised them the permanent propriety of this region of the earth

The Zionists after their withdrawal from Sinai have not learnt the lesson, they have not understood yet, until today, that the deceiving “God” they adore is not the Almighty Creator able to fulfil his promises with only a word.

We have seen that biblical texts establish Israel borders from the Nile to the Euphrates. However, we find in the Bible other texts according to which God establishes less ambitious borders as He defines Israel borders from the Mediterranean Sea to the Dead Sea only. Indeed in the text from the book of Numbers God says:

“But toward the north side the borders shall begin from the great sea, reaching to the most high mountain, from which they shall come to Emath, as far as the borders of Sedada: and the limits shall go as far as Zephrona, and the village of Enan. These shall be the borders on the north side. From thence they shall mark out the bounds towards the east side from the village of Enan unto Sephama. And from Sephama the bounds shall go down to Rebla over against the fountain of Daphnis: from thence they shall come eastward to the sea of Cenereth, and shall reach as far as the Jordan, and at the last shall be closed in by the most salt sea. This shall be your land with its borders round about” (Numbers 34,7-12).

In virtue of this text Israel East borders stop at the Jordan, far from the Euphrates, and the West borders are limited to the Mediterranean without including Sinai.

Many Israelis believe in what they call “The Great Israel”, a World Zionist empire whose national centre is in the East. However, these same people are quite perplexed and embarrassed when they should define the state of Israel borders. This perplexity and this embarrassment are due to biblical texts differing in the borders definition. This is the reason why until today Israel has not presented to United Nations a map defining its geographical borders.

These are the main biblical texts used by the Israelis to gain the support of the so-called “Christian” world. We observe that the borders vary according to the scribes’ ambitions. Now, if it had really been God, the Unique Creator of everything, to dictate the limits of an Israel state, these biblical texts would have not been given with such an hesitation, with more or less expansionism, leaving the same ones who believe in them in the complete confusion, and embarrassing the whole world with their imprecision. God, who has created everything with an admirable balance, cannot visibly inspire confused texts, but the scribes have made God tell things to justify the Zionists’ greed.

The most ambitious Jews choose as borders for the state of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Nevertheless, there are no pacific means to achieve this aim with the world opinion consensus. Mrs Golda Meir, the late Israel Prime Minister, has declared: “The world resisting us has missed the whole point, because after World War I we obtained the promise from Balfour, after World War II we obtained the state of Israel”. She was implying, in the context of her speech, that after World War III, a war the international Zionism is able to trigger, the Israelis would succeed in fulfilling their usual dream, that is the Israeli Empire, that should arise from the ruins of this nuclear deflagration to extend from Nile to Euphrates. Mrs Golda Meir with her words wanted to intimidate the world by keeping the key of the feared World War III. The world would rather surrender to the demands of the “Great Israel” otherwise Zionism will know how to lay the world waste to achieve it.

This has pushed the old US Foreign Affairs minister Henri Kissinger, Jew and famous Zionist, to propose his famous “step-by-step” plan to solve the Middle East problem. According to the Zionist concept it means to solve the problem of this region by extending Israel limits until the biblical borders from Nile to Euphrates, but “step-by-step”, softly, without noise.

Now we see the Israel soldiers clearing out from Lebanon at big steps and noisily under the unceasing and inexorable shots of the brave Lebanese resistance. Tsahal soldiers leave Lebanon concealing their flee under a strategic retreat. How could they reach the Euphrates and Hama? Isn’t it a giant step withdrawal?
The fact we find in the Bible verses to define Israel borders doesn’t mean God has inspired them. These verses, on the contrary, are parasites deviating God’s plan from its usual and pacific historical course.
We find in the Bible several example of this parasitism and the prophet Jeremiah has not failed to denounce this mad practice by accusing “the lying pen of the scribes” to have overloaded the Bible with lying texts.
This great prophet indeed says to the Jews:

“How do you say: We are wise, and the law of the Lord is with us? Indeed the lying pen of the scribes hath wrought falsehood!” (Jeremiah 8,8).

Even in the Qur’an we find the echo of these same words in the Surat “The Cow” where God says:

“Then woe to those who write the Book (the Bible) with their own hands and then say, ‘This is from Allah’, to purchase with it a little price! Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for that they earn thereby” (Qur’an II; The Cow,73).

Israel scribes have introduced in the Bible a lot of lies and tales to serve their interests, in particular those regarding the sacrifices and the holocaust asked to the people to be introduced in the Temple. A good part of these offerings of animals, oils, and products of the earth, offered in plenty, were consecrated for the use of the priests.

I will present as example what is written in the book of the Leviticus, that makes God says: “The priest shall burn the fat upon the altar, but the breast shall be Aaron’s and his sons’. The right shoulder also of the victims of peace offerings shall fall to the priest for first fruits. He among the sons of Aaron, that offers the blood, and the fat, he shall have the right shoulder also for his portion. For the breast that is elevated and the shoulder that is separated I have taken of the children of Israel, from off their victims of peace offerings, and have given them to Aaron the priest, and to his sons, by a law for ever, from all the people of Israel” (Leviticus 7,31-34). So the Bible certifies that God has ordered these animal sacrifices and that the priests part should be reserved to them forever.

Now the prophet Jeremiah has risen up in the name of God to denounce these practices that were not of divine origin. I repeat, as they were not of divine origin. This prophet actually speaks ironically by saying to the practitioners:

“Thus says the Lord of hosts the God of Israel: Add your burnt offerings to your sacrifices, and eat you the flesh. For I spoke not to your fathers, and I commanded them not, in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning the matter of burnt offerings and sacrifices. But this thing I commanded them, saying: Hearken to my voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people: and walk you in all the way that I have commanded you, that it may be well with you” (Jeremiah 7,21-23).

We ask the following question: How did it come that the Bible says God ordered the animal sacrifices and afterwards a great biblical prophet like Jeremiah declares, inspired by God, that God had never made such prescriptions? Does the Bible contradict itself?

We have got into the habit of considering the biblical texts as a whole –in a block and in details- as coming from a divine Inspiration, and we have omitted to ask the Bible what it says about that. As it is the Bible itself that warns us against those lying proposals the “lying pen of the scribes” has introduced in it, according to Jeremiah’s words.

What God has said about the sacrifices can be said even about the gift of Palestine and near countries to the Israelis. The texts giving this region of the world to the Jews, by limiting the borders, are not from God; they have risen from Zionist lucubration.

The Bible incites the Jews to occupy the territories and to expel their inhabitants. Now again in the Bible God explicitly condemns this practice that is, to His eyes, abominable and He pushes His prophets to denounce it. Listen for example to this text from the book of the prophet Isaiah where God rises up against Israel, whose symbol is the vineyard, as the Cedar is the symbol of Lebanon.
God says:

“And now, O you inhabitants of Jerusalem, and you men of Judah, judge between me and my vineyard. What is there that I ought to do more to my vineyard, that I have not done to it? And now I will show you what I will do to my vineyard. I will take away the hedge thereof, and it shall be wasted: I will break down the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down. And I will make it desolate: it shall not be pruned, and it shall not be dig: but briers and thorns shall come up: and I will command the clouds to rain no rain upon it. For the vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the house of Israel: and the man of Judah, his pleasant plant: and I looked that he should do judgment, and behold iniquity: and do justice, and behold a cry. Woe to you that join house to house and lay field to field, even to the end of the place: shall you alone dwell in the midst of the earth?” (Isaiah 5,3-8).

This is how the Bible confutes the Zionists’ mentality and greed. They want to be the only owners of the land, by adding field over field and multiplying their settlements over the whole extension of Palestine with violence, blood and injustice, and still wanting to spread their domination over the Lebanese territory.

Therefore we find in the Bible a conflict between two mentalities opposite one to the other. A conflict appearing between two kind of contradictory texts with no possible compromise. This is the struggle between God and the Israelis, between God’s thought and the Israelis’ thought, between the Holy Spirit and the spirit of Zionism.

All those who have discernment and a harp-witted biblical experience can differentiate between God’s thought and the Zionism racist and violent one. The Creator Himself denounces this fundamental difference saying through the prophet Isaiah:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts: nor your ways my ways, said the Lord. For as the heavens are exalted above the earth, so are my ways exalted above your ways, and my thoughts above your thoughts” (Isaiah 55,8-9).

The Zionists have used a thousand tricks to introduce their Zionist texts into the Bible in order to occupy the lands in the name of God. However God, according to the Psalm “astute to the one using astuteness”, has been shrewder putting in the Bible some texts that make the gift of the land conditional on the loyalty to the Covenant. Now we know the Jews have broken the Covenant because of their numerous unfaithfulness. Indeed they have adored pagan idols to the point of offering them in sacrifice their sons and daughters as denounced by the prophet Jeremiah who says:

“Because the children of Judah have done evil in my eyes, said the Lord. They have set their abominations in the house in which my name is called upon, to pollute it; And they have built the high places of Topeth, which is in the valley of the son of Ennom, to burn their sons, and their daughters in the fire: which I commanded not, nor thought on in my heart” (Jeremiah 7,30-31).

These abominable practices have declared the breaking off of the Covenant between the Israelis and God, who have denounced the disloyalty by His prophets. In fact Isaiah declares in the name of God:

“Hear, O you heavens, and give ear, O earth, for the Lord hath spoken. I have brought up children, and exalted them: but they have despised me. The ox knows his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel hath not known me, and my people had not understood. Woe to the sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a wicked seed, ungracious children: they have forsaken the Lord, they have blasphemed the Holy One of Israel, they are gone away backwards” (Isaiah 1,2-4).

At his turn, the prophet Jeremiah denounces Israel declaring:

“And the Lord said to me: A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem. They are returned to the former iniquities of their fathers, who refused to hear my words: so these likewise have gone after strange gods, to serve them: the house of Israel, and the house of Judah have made void my Covenant…” (Jeremiah 11,9-10).

The Qur’an has not failed to associate to the prophetic breath by denouncing the Jews’ disloyalty in more than one verse. I cite that of the Surat “The Women”, where God says the Jews:

“Because of their breaking the covenant, and of their rejecting the signs of Allah, and of their killing the Prophets unjustly…” (Qur’an IV; The Women,154).

The condition of the loyalty to the Covenant appears in the words Moses addresses to the people in chapter 28 of Deuteronomy:

“Now IF (if indicates a condition) you will hear the voice of the Lord your God, to do and keep all his commandments, the Lord your God will make you higher than all the nations that are on the earth… But if you will not hear the voice of the Lord your God all these curses shall come upon you, and overtake you… The Lord shall increase your plagues, and the plagues of your seed, plagues great and lasting, infirmities grievous and perpetual” (Deuteronomy 28,1-59).

As Moses had foreseen the disloyalty, he said to the people:

“…because you heard not the voice of the Lord your God. And as the Lord rejoiced upon you before doing good to you, and multiplying you: so he shall rejoice destroying and bringing you to nought, so that you shall be taken away from the land which you shall go in to possess.” (Deuteronomy 28,62-63).

To notice that the alternative to the possession of the land is the expulsion from the land itself in case of disloyalty to the Covenant. Indeed God had told: “you shall be taken away from the land which you shall go in to possess”. Now we have demonstrated this disloyalty denounced by the prophets.

If we supposed that the Bible had given to the Jews the land extending from Nile to Euphrates, we should not forget that this gift was clearly under conditions, that the conditions have not been respected, that the Covenant has been abrogated by the prophets’ confession itself, and that finally the gift of the land has been substituted by the expulsion from the land according to God and Moses’ words reported in the Bible.

We are surprised to denote that today Israelis deceive the Christian West with biblical texts mentioning the gift of the Palestine to the Jews.

We think that the attentive and wise Christians who can keep the discernment will understand that the Bible gives no place to Israel in the East. They will know how to answer with the Bible to the Zionists’ blackmails menacing them of anti-Semitism, the way the prophets once answered. These true believers will thus contribute to enlighten the world and to save all men, and the Jews themselves who want it, from the Zionist lie.

The prophets denounce the state of Israel

After having seen in the first part the Zionist texts silently introduced -like smuggling- by the lying pen of the scribes, as the prophets’ denounce of this practice, we will see in this second part how God and His prophets have denounced the institution of a political Jewish State.

I have said in the first part of the conference that in the Old Testament of the Bible there is a conflict between two kind of texts: the texts inspired by God and other intruders coming from Zionist lucubration. This struggle between texts indicates the ferocious resistance the Israelis opposed to God in the past and still in the present. The centre of this opposition has always been the same, that is the desire of the majority of the Jews to institute a political Jewish state governed by the Messiah they imagined and they still imagine as a Zionist leader who would be proclaimed king of a Zionist Israeli kingdom. Now God has opposed to the creation of such a state and He has manifestly let the Jews know it through His prophets. The discord between God and the Jews is therefore the state of Israel.

In Genesis 32,28 the Bible explains to us the meaning of the world “Israel”. It means “to fight against God”. To be noticed that this name is exactly the contrary of the word “Islam” that, in Arabic, means “to abandon one’s face to God” or to submit to God and His Will, as the Qur’an explains in verse 21 of Surat 31 called “Luqman”, that I literally translate from the Arabic like this: “And whosoever submits his face (himself) to Allah he is a good-doer”. To submit one’s own face to God, to turn one’s face to God, these are expressions to show the complete submission to the Lord.

The Biblical prophets have refused to become accomplices of the Jews in the institution of a Jewish state that they were already craving for. The reason for this praiseworthy prophetic attitude is that Judaism is a faith, a believing in an unique God and not a political ideology aiming at instituting a world Zionist empire. God has never opened to Abram a political way leading to a Jewish state because Abram had already an entity and a social integration that the Bible has not failed to reveal. Abram was Aramaic, that is Syrian, thus of Arabic origin, but the Jews have pretended Abram to be Jewish, when there weren’t such people before Abram. We find in Genesis 14,13 “Abram the Jew”. The word “Jew” have been added by the scribes of the past to make people believe that Abram were Jewish. This is one of the example of what the lying pen of the scribes has introduced in the Bible. To remedy that, God has inspired to Moses, in chapter 26,5 of Deuteronomy, to ask the Jewish people to recite, before God’s altar, the following words: “My father was a wandering Aramaic (Syrian)”. If Abram had been Jewish, Moses would have not failed to reveal it.

By underlining Abram’s Syrian and Arabic identity I am neither trying to monopolize the divine inspiration in favour of the Arabs, nor preaching whatever Arabic nationalism. My purpose, instead, by doing so, is to safeguard the inspiration from the attempts aiming at “Zionising” the Bible, that is at exploiting it at the service of Zionism, because the biblical inspiration has been given to enlighten all men and not only the Jews as they choose to believe.

By showing Abram’s Syrian identity I want even to conclude that as he was already citizen of an important state, he had no need to institute another state, that is an Israeli state.

What God wanted from the Jewish community from the beginning was a peaceful coexistence with their compatriots, while preaching monotheism, starting from the region where they were with love and patience in a world that, at that time, was ignoring the unique God and revelling in the polytheist mythology.
However the Jews have failed in their monotheist mission not only by abandoning themselves to idolatry, but even by closing themselves to the others, isolating themselves in their society arising psychological barriers dictated by a pathological and condemnable superiority complex. We can understand people closing themselves to the others to safeguard moral values and for fear of contamination. We need to associate with people who edify us. Such an isolation is praiseworthy. We cannot but condemn the psychological and social barriers when these are based on ethnic groups issues. Now we see from their idolater and immoral behaviours –behaviour denounced by the Bible- that the Israelis had not based on moral values their behaviours before other ethnic groups.

As they are closed in a spiritual and social ghetto, the Israelis have succumbed to pride and to fanaticism believing to be God’s chosen people. They have thrown themselves against Jesus Christ because He has said, among others, that men will come from the East and the West, thus from any race, to sit down with Abram in the kingdom of God, while they, the children of the kingdom, the kingdom of Israel, will be cast out (Matthew 8,11). Afterwards the Jews have politicized their spiritual mission aspiring to a temporal government over the whole world through an Israeli empire similar to the Roman, Babylonian, Assyrian empires, etc. It is just this empire that Jesus refused from the devil. The Jews, on the contrary, have aspired, and they do still today, to establish this Zionist empire starting from Palestine.

Now, Palestine has never been uninhabited, on the contrary the Bible reveals in the book of Numbers that Moses have sent explorers to observe this region. These explorers returned bringing samples of the good fruits from that country.

The report they did to Moses about Palestine of that time was the following:

“We came into the land to which you sent us, which in very deed flows with milk and honey as may be known by these fruits: But it has very strong inhabitants, and the cities are great and walled” (Numbers 13,27-28).

This is the Bible testimony about Palestine 1200 years before Christ. Therefore would it be logic that God, clever and just, would have chosen to build an Israeli state on a territory that was already inhabited by men who had built big, strong and organized cities? Of course not! Because God would have doomed the region to never ending wars while He is a God of peace. How can we believe to the late Golda Meir who have told that Palestine was empty, that Palestinians did not exist, and that this was the reason why a land without people, that is Palestine, should have been given to a people without land, that is the Jews? No clever and good willed man would have been convinced by such lies.

God has never ordered either to Abram, or to Moses the creation of a nation or a state, but that of a Jewish community. He has even explicitly opposed to the Jews who wanted to establish a King at their head, as we will seen later.

The first attempt to monopolize Judaism appeared in the book of Judges with Gideon, 11 centuries before Jesus, that is almost 200 years before Moses. At that time the Jews have already entered Palestine with Joshua, not peacefully, but having immediately used the force of the weapons to grab the territories and the goods of the peaceful inhabitants as reported by the biblical account. The today Zionist settlers have imitated those of yesterday with even a greater violence to grab Palestine and to try to annex Lebanon.

In the eleventh century B.C. Gideon led the Israelis in the battles against the legitimate inhabitants of the region. After having won some battles, the Jewish community sent some representatives to ask Gideon to be its king, and his sons after him, and the descendants afterwards, beginning a Zionist royal dynasty that would have reigned over the Jews as political people, like the others. The book of Judges reports Gideon’s answer to the committee sent by the Jewish community to press him.
Gideon answered:

“I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you, but the Lord shall rule over you” (Judges 8,23).

It is useful to underline that Jesus too, like Gideon, refused to reign politically over the Jews. After having rejected the devil’s temptations, Saint John tells us in his Gospel that:

“Jesus therefore, when He knew that they would come to take Him by force, and make him king (king of Israel), fled again into the mountain himself alone” (John 6,14-15).

This refusal from Jesus to establish a Zionist kingdom is the main reason of the Jews’ refusal, still today, to recognize Him as the Messiah. Because they had realized that Jesus had not approved the state of Israel and his greed, He who had said that His kingdom was not of this Zionist world.

The second attempt reported by the Old Testament, after that of Gideon, to establish a Zionist kingdom, occurred about 100 years after Gideon, at the time of the prophet Samuel. The Bible in chapter 8 of the first book of Samuel informs us that: “Then all the ancients of Israel being assembled, came to Samuel to Ramatha. And they said to him: Behold you are old, and your sons walk not in your ways: make us a king, to judge us, as all nations have” (1 Samuel 8,5). The Bible has not failed to reveal how Samuel has been displeased because they had said: “Make us a king, to judge us”. Samuel invoked God who expressed him His displeasure and His refusal by answering with anger against the people saying to Samuel: “Hear the voice of the people in all that they say to you. For they have not rejected you, but me, that I should not reign over them” (1 Samuel 8,7). This is how the Bible denounces an Israeli state as contrary to God’s plan.

Samuel struggled vainly to convince the leaders to adhere to God’s plan, but they refused it point-blank, and they answered: “Nay: but there shall be a king over us. And we also will be like all nations: and our king shall judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles for us” (1 Samuel 8,9-22). To notice that the purpose of the request of this king was to wage the Israeli wars. Thus Samuel gave in to safeguard the unity of the community and Saul was designated as first King of Israel. This is how the Bible reports the institution of a state of Israel, a kingdom never blessed by God. We can understand that by God’s Himself words to Samuel: “They have not rejected you, but me, that I should not reign over them”.

The reason for the divine refusal of a Jewish state is that this state cannot be founded but on injustice and on the ruins of others’ rights through wars and blood. This is why, let’s notice it well again, the Jews asked Samuel a king to lead them in the war to satisfy their ambitions to establish the state of Israel, a state that has always shed blood and despised human rights in Middle East. However God had planned to form a peaceful community to announce to all men and to prepare them to welcome the Messiah, and not a bellicose and curled up nation.

The Israelis’ attachment to a Jewish state has not stopped to be the origin of their inspirations on all levels, and to lead their thoughts and actions, not only on a temporal level, but also on what concerns the Messiah. They imagine him as a Zionist leader who leads them to fight victoriously all Arabs and to submit them miraculously to the Israelis as if by magic. Then they could wander in tranquillity to establish the world Zionist empire, the apex of the Jewish ideal.

With the apparition of the state of Israel many Israelis have thought that their messiah was already on earth. Some have thought this Messiah, King of Israel, to be no other than the former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, especially after the visit of Sadat, Egypt president, to Jerusalem and the Israel-Egyptian accords of Camp David. Others have seen the Messiah’s face in Ariel Sharon, chief of the Israeli Army. During the early general election in Israel in 1981, we have seen the Israelis’ ovations in favour of Begin: “Begin king of Israel” as well as of Sharon: “Ariel king of Israel”. The two men at that time were at the height of their glory. We know that the title of “king” is attributed by the Israelis only to the Messiah they are waiting for. This Zionist messiah has been denounced by Saint John in his first letter as being the Anti-Christ compared to Jesus who is the real Christ.

Today Jews consider Israel a transitory condition that will end with the coming of the Messiah. The letter should, to their opinion, institute a definitive regime in Israel, that would be a kingdom, beginning a permanent royal dynasty until the end of times.

The world Zionism through its instrument of Freemasonry has managed to overthrow more than a kingdom on earth so that, at the right moment, only the kingdom of Israel could survive, and its kingdom could be proclaimed king of the world. At present Zionism aims at overthrowing, through its hidden agents, United Kingdom.

The biblical prophets had understood that the Jews could not establish their kingdom without resorting to injustice, slyness and blood. That’s why they rose up, filled with God’s breath, against the Israelis because they had chosen kings and political leaders forgetting they had a spiritual, not political mission. Indeed God, by the mouth of the prophet Hosea had withered the Israelis by saying:

“… they have transgressed my Covenant, and have violated my law. They shall call upon me: O my God, we, Israel, know you. Israel hath cast off the thing that is good, the enemy shall pursue him. They have reigned, but not by me: they have been princes, and I knew not” (Hosea 8,1-4).

This is how the Bible confutes Israel and invites today Jews to recognize that Abram, their ancestor, was Syrian. The Bible repeats today what it had told the Israelis yesterday, that is that their leaders have not God’s blessing. I repeat: today Israelis leaders have not God’s blessing. How is it possible therefore that some Christian religious leaders support them? By acting this way they lose them.

As they knew the Bible condemned them, the leaders of the Jewish community had, for centuries, recourse to other means to justify their greed. They have therefore invented the Talmud and put it at the highest rank of the Jewish traditions. The Talmud has to them the value of an oral Bible, or an oral Torah. The Talmudic studies have greater values than the biblical ones, because they try to justify any effort leading to the Zionism evolution.

The relationship between Israel, the Antichrist, and “Gog and Magog”

A last reflexion about this issue: if God confutes Israel, then two questions become necessary: the first one, why did He permit its reappearance? The second one, does the Bible speak about this return of Israel? I answer to the first one: does God permit Israel reappearance?

God permits the reappearance of Israel to hit all those who are attached to materialism and possessed by the Zionist spirit, and their allies with a punishment that will change the face of the world upsetting the religious, social and political conditions prevailing nowadays. Israel, by showing up, gathers around itself all the bad faith men, all the apostle of the lie and the children of darkness. By exterminating Israel, God will condemn at a stroke all malefactors in the world.

In his second letter to the Thessalonians, Saint Paul says that at the end of times God will send to the pervert men, I cite: “a power of deception, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity” (2 Thessalonians 2,11-12).

The State of Israel is this power of evil gathering around itself the lovers of lying.

God wants to put an end to the occult and malefic activities of the Zionists in the world. These activities were working before the Christ and Paul called them “The mystery of Iniquity already at work” (2 Thessalonians 2,7).

The Zionists have evolved in a close vase; their thoughts have fermented in an atmosphere of unconfessed racism. This racism has been even denounced by the United Nations, which, since some years, have assimilated Zionism to racism.

Rare are the Israelis like Mrs Felicia Langer, well-known Jewish attorney, who not only defends the Palestinians’ cause in Israel and in international conferences, but even denounces the Zionist deception. A Jew, today, must have an exceptional temper to flee the Zionist mentality. Felicia Langer and other noble Jews have spoken today like the prophets yesterday, especially the prophet Isaiah who used to accuse the Israelis, a “sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity” by saying “wicked seed, ungracious children: they have forsaken the Lord” (Isaiah 1,4).

We who are living in Lebanon are witnesses of the Israeli crimes committed in our numerous villages in the South, after the blood they made drip in Palestine to expel the Palestinians.

We have not to be astonished by the today Israelis’ violence. They want to imitate their ancestors, by applying the biblical directives of the Old Testament, put in by the lying and bloody pen of the scribes who have incited yesterday Jews to slaughter –in the name of God- the region inhabitants and to spoil them of their goods, by pushing them to consider all the non-Jews as enemies to be exterminated.
This is why the Christ, speaking to the Jews, ordered to them to love their enemies, that is the non-Jews, the Romans and others at that time, considered enemies by the Jews. This commandment to love the enemies is addressed exclusively to those who have a racist spirit. Because to the others the problem does not exist. To illustrate this commandment Jesus healed some Romans and this scandalized the Jews. On the other hand Jesus orders to His disciples to oppose to God’s enemies, to those refusing Him as the Christ.
Doesn’t Luke’s Gospel say:

“But as for those my enemies, who would not have me reign over them, bring them hither, and kill them before me”? (Luke 19,27).

We should not forget that Jesus entered the Temple with a whip on hand to drive away the hypocrites and mercenaries, even if they were Jews.

In the same way the commandment to turn the right cheek to the one who slaps you the left cheek is addressed to the crowd of Jews gathered around Jesus. Luke’s Gospel informs us that Jesus, indeed, had said: “But I say to you that hear: Love your enemies…” (Luke 6,27). Let’s notice that Jesus says: “I say to you that hear”. Now those who were present to listen to Him were Zionists used to injustice, to take possession of other people’s property, exactly as they do in Palestine today, and try to in Lebanon. This precept therefore is addressed to the unjust Zionist who is hit by the defrauded one to take back one’s goods. Jesus means that he is right to slap and that the Jew should thank him because, by hitting him, the defrauded one orients the Jew on the right way. The Christ would say today to the Jews: “Love your enemy, the Palestinian and the Shiite Lebanese, and turn your right cheek when he slaps the left one, because he is right and you are the usurper”.

The examples of the Jews’ criminal behaviours are abundant in the Old Testament. I will cite just one because it is the example par excellence, it is in chapters 17 and 18 of the book of Judges. Here the resume: When the Jews entered Palestine with Joshua in XII century B.C. they shared out the country among the tribes. Dan’s tribe, however, was not satisfied with his own part and sent five among their men to explore the region to find a place where to dwell on. They arrived to the village of Ephraim, 30km north Jerusalem, and found a Levite priest who was serving God. This god was nothing but a molten-metal idol with two kind of stones, the Ephod and the Theraphim, one with the inscription ‘No’, and the other with the inscription ‘Yes’. Through them the priest consulted God at random by throwing lots. The five men asked the priest to consult God to see whether they would have succeeded in their venture. The priest obeyed and answered: “Go in peace, the Lord looks on your way, and the journey that you go”. The five men went on northward. They reached a town called Lais 30 km East Tyre. They saw the inhabitants of Lais lived peacefully, with neither problems, nor worries, they lack no land product, and no one disturbed them. They were far.

The five men seduced by the prospective of an easy victory, came back then to their brothers, with this report: “Arise, and let us go up to them: for we have seen the land which is exceeding rich and fruitful: neglect not, lose no time: let us go and possess it, there will be no difficulty. We shall come to a people that is secure, into a spacious country, and the Lord will deliver the place to us, in which there is no want of anything that grows on the earth”. They left to Lais and abducted the Levite priest and the metal idol. The Bible goes on with the story in the following way:

“they came to Lais to a people that was quiet and secure, and smote them with the edge of the sword: and the city was burnt with fire, there being no man at all who brought them any succour, because they dwelt far from Sidon, and had no society or business with any man. And the city was in the land of Rohob: and they rebuilt it and dwelt therein. Calling the name of the city Dan after the name of their father” (Judges 18,27-29).

I have cited to you this example because the town of Lais is in Southern Lebanon and it evokes the crimes committed nowadays, in this same time I am talking to you, today 21st March 1985, by the Israelis in Lebanon. To be noticed that the Israelis entered today Lebanon with all their arsenal, they entered into our villages in the South where they destroyed houses, drove away the inhabitants and burned the orange and olive trees that our peaceful farmers had seen growing at the price of the sweat of their brow.

Wasn’t right the Christ to say to this sort of Jews that Satan was their god? Let reflect a little bit about the real identity of the god consulted by the explorer Levite priest of the Dan tribe. It’s now the time for discernment. Could you really think that it was God creator, the good God, creator of all men, to bless the Danites permitting them to slaughter as an easy prey the peaceful inhabitants of the town of Lais? In the same way could you think that the Good God Creator of all men could push today Menachem Begin, former Israel Prime Minister, to slaughter the poor villages of Deir Yassin and to expel the Palestinians from Palestine to establish a Jewish State? Let each one answer according to one’s own conscience. Let’s pay attention to our answer, however, as God will demand us an explanation for it.

The numerous crimes committed by the Israelis in the past to establish a Jewish state have pushed the prophets to rise up against them and to denounce them. Instead of repenting, the Israelis have killed the prophets who were disturbing them. I have heard myself at the radio of Israel some years ago a religious comment in French were they said that “If a prophet would have appeared today in Israel to talk to us the way the prophets talked to our fathers in the past, we would have killed him”. To kill… to kill… to kill… again! This is the only Zionist alternative to repentance, the only answer given by the Zionists to God and His prophets.

The time has come “to destroy them who have corrupted the earth” according to the expression of Revelation 11,18. God has therefore permitted to Zionism to take shape in the state of Israel, to come out from its hiding place to give it the deathblow.

The second question is the following: does the Bible speak about the return of Israel? Yes, the Bible speaks about the return of Israel, but not the way it is understood by the Israelis, who apply to today state of Israel the biblical prophecies announcing the return of the Jews from Babylon in the VI century B.C. These prophecies have already been accomplished in the past and, anyway, they did not aim at the foundation of a political Jewish state, but at the return in Palestine of the Jewish community exiled to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar.

However chapters 38 and 39 of the book of Ezekiel speak about the invasion of Palestine at the end of times by Gogh and Magog, symbol of the evil forces. We have understood the identity of Gogh and Magog thanks to chapter 20,7-9 of the Revelation. Gogh and Magog, the Revelation says, will spread throughout Palestine from the four corners of the earth for the war. The will settle on all the tract of Palestine and they will occupy the Holy City Jerusalem, they will occupy it for a certain time, but at the end a fire will come from Heaven to destroy them definitely. They will not appear anymore. Gogh and Magog, symbol of Paganism and of the refusal of God’s plan, represent today the Israelis who, because of their refusal of Jesus, are the modern heirs of Paganism. They come actually from the four corners of the earth, as the Revelation reveals it, to settle on Palestine through war proclaiming Jerusalem, the Holy City, the Beloved City, the capital of their Jewish state.

The Revelation speaks even about the appearance of a Beast at the end of times. The Revelation says to us that this Beast existed in the past, but then it disappeared. It comes back to be destroyed definitely, shortly after its return, not to appear anymore.

This applies to Israel which existed in the past, because it had been destroyed in the year 70 A.D. by Titus. Here it is back to disappear forever. This prophecy applies to Israel, all the more as the Revelation announces the appearance of a second Beast supporting the first one and imposing it to the world by the force of weapons and money (see chapters 13 and 17 of Revelation). Being Israel the first Beast, it is easy to understand that USA are the second Beast supporting it. The Revelation announces the defeat of both the two Beasts and the triumph, by their defeat, of Christ Jesus.

We therefore say that the Bible has announced the return of Israel by talking of Gogh and Magogh in the book of Ezekiel, because he was seeing the Israelis become pagan for their refusal of Jesus.

I cannot end this lecture without mentioning some of the biblical prophecies about Lebanon. There are in the Bible prophecies whose events are taking place today under our eyes, just here in Lebanon. I begin by showing you what the prophet Habakkuk had prophesized against the one who would have invaded Lebanon filling it with blood.
He says:

“For the iniquity of Lebanon shall cover you… because of the blood of men, and the iniquity of the land, and of the city, and of all that dwell therein” (Habakkuk 2,17).

Today Israel is fleeing Lebanon after having invaded, violated and slaughtered it, but the bloodshed in Lebanon by the Israelis is drawing Israel leading it to its death. The Israeli war against Lebanon has wounded Lebanon, but it will heal anyway. Israel, however, will never heal and it will go to its ruin.
The Bible had announced these Apocalyptic events that occur today in Lebanon. The book of the Song of Songs reports in chapter 4 a poetic dialogue between God and His chosen ones, where God is represented as the Bridegroom and the chosen ones as the bride. The Bridegroom calls to Himself the bride from Lebanon, not from Israel. I cite some extracts commenting on them quickly. The Bridegroom speaks:

“You are all fair, O my love, and there is not a spot in you
(comment: it has been purified by the trial)
Come from Lebanon, my spouse,
Come from Lebanon, come! Your lips, my spouse, are as a dropping honeycomb,
(they distil honey because it speaks as God wants, saying the prophetic word: “NO” to Israel)
The smell of your garments, as the smell of Lebanon. My sister, my spouse, is a garden enclosed, a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed up. The fountain of gardens: the well of living waters, which run with a strong stream from Lebanon. (Comment: the sealed up fountain evokes the Book of Revelation, this book sealed with seven seals, as it is written in Revelation chapter 5, but opened by Jesus in Lebanon to reveal that Israel is the Antichrist. This books becomes a spring that makes the gardens fruitful, that is to say that enlightens the chosen ones; a stream flowing out from Lebanon, this stream is the river of life which the Revelation chapter 22 speaks of).
Arise, O north wind, and come, O south wind, blow through my garden, and let the aromatical spices thereof flow”.

Blustering winds and violent storm have blown over Lebanon from North to South in order to spread the perfume of its resistance against Israel all over the world. Let’s thus pay our respects to our Shiite brothers, the worthy children of Fatima. They have deserved, with their fight against the Antichrist, that Mary, the Virgin Mother of the Christ, appeared in advance in 1917 in the Portuguese village of Fatima, to attract the eyes of the world towards her children, the worthy Shiite fighters children of Fatima, the Shiite fighters from South Lebanon, who have succeeded, with their vigilance, in driving away the Zionist soldiers.

With their fierce resistance against the Israelis, with the incalculable blood they have shed abundantly, generously, the descendants of Fatima have permitted to the Apostles of the end of times to go on with their mission. That with the purpose to spread, again, in the world like a vivifying aroma, like a salutary perfume, the knowledge of Jesus Christ, that knowledge eclipsed and deformed only for a certain time, by those who deny Jesus. These Zionist pagans occupy today Palestine and they are driven out under our eyes, apace, from the South of our Lebanon.

The spiritual role of Lebanon, its testimony against the Antichrist, had been prophesised by Isaiah in chapter 29,17-18 where he says: “Is it not yet a very little while, and Lebanon shall be turned into charmel, and charmel shall be esteemed as a forest. And in that day the deaf shall hear the words of the book, and out of darkness and obscurity the eyes of the blind shall see”. This book is that of the Revelation, unmasking the Antichrist, Israel, the Beast of the Revelation, a book that even those who think to be deaf will listen to.

I conclude the biblical prophecies about Lebanon with Ezekiel’s prophetic words announcing the Good News of the Cedar triumph, symbol of Lebanon, that will be planted by God on the Mountain of Israel. Let you imagine the Lebanese flag, where the Cedar is depicted, planted over the tops of the Israeli mountains. Ezekiel says indeed:

“Thus says the Lord God: I myself will take of the marrow of the high cedar, and will set it: I will crop off a tender twig from the top of the branches thereof, and I will plant it on a mountain high and eminent. On the high mountains of Israel will I plant it, and it shall shoot forth into branches, and shall bear fruit, and it shall become a great cedar: and all birds shall dwell under it, and every fowl shall make its nest under the shadow of the branches thereof. And all the trees of the country shall know that I the Lord have brought down the high tree (Israel), and exalted the low tree (Lebanon): and have dried up the green tree (Israel), and have caused the dry tree (Lebanon) to flourish. I the Lord have spoken and have done it” (Ezekiel 17,22-24).

We have wanted to listen to what the Bible says about Israel. I have even reported what the Bible says about Lebanon. Let the Israelis, with their friend pretending to love the Bible, summon all their wisdom to hear what God, in the Bible, says about Lebanon, what the Spirit tells the churches as the Revelation says. The time has come to open the books, and let men be judged according the contents of these books. Let everyone listen to, even the deaf ones!


At the end of this lecture, what should we conclude? Which attitude should have the man who believes in the Bible towards Israel? We claim that the logic attitude of each true believer should inspire to the refusal of Israel, to the “NO to Israel”.

We have seen that the Bible, in the Old Testament, condemns the state of Israel. The New Testament, on its own, invites the true Christ’s disciples, those caring about the testimony to Jesus, to rise up against His deniers.

Now some so-called Christians reproach those who are armed to defend themselves against Israel violence, just because they are armed. They forget, these pseudo-Christians, the Crusaders’ wars and all wars waged in the Western world, today armed to the teeth.

Paradoxically those armed Christians do not hesitate to condemn those who are armed to defend themselves against the Israeli invader and usurper.

I want finally remind you of what the prophet Mohammed has said, so that the attitude against the Antichrist could be inspired to Muslim, Christian and Jewish sources. He said that when it will reappear, Jesus Himself and His chosen ones will rise up to fight it and win it.

Now, those who today fight the Antichrist are the Shiites, the worthy children of Fatima, and the descendants of her sons Hassan and Hussein. We, who have the divine discernment to recognize and fight the Antichrist, are all children of Hassan and Hussein. And because Jesus, at this end of times, has risen up to fight Israel, we are all Jesus of Nazareth who leads His war of Justice against the enemy that denies Him.

Blessed are those who answer to the divine call and join the “Wedding of the Lamb”, this divine feast, during which God invites us, according to the expression of chapter 19,17-18 of the Revelation, to eat the flesh of the Zionists and pro-Zionists leaders.

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