According to the Qur’an, claiming that Jesus is the Son of God is blasphemy?

You sustain that Jesus is the Son of God. And yet, according to the Qur’an, this is claimed as blasphemy: “And yet they say: ‘The All-Merciful has taken to Himself a son!’ You have uttered a thing most terrible! The heavens will nigh convulse at the mention of it, the earth is split asunder…” (Qur’an XIX; Mary, 88-92)

The Qur’anic verse reported here: “And yet they say: ‘The All-Merciful has taken to Himself a son!’ You have uttered a thing most terrible! The heavens will nigh convulse at the mention of it, the earth is split asunder etc…”, one should note that the expression: “The All-Merciful has taken to Himself a son” is present neither in the Bible, nor in the Qur’an with regards to Christ. It is a pagan expression which fits into the pagans’ mentality of the near Arabian peninsula. Whom is this verse referring to? Who are those who say: “The All-Merciful has taken to Himself a son”?

Christians have never said, nor do they ever say: “God has taken to Himself a son”. This Qur’anic verse does not therefore accuse Christians, it clearly aims at the polytheist idolaters of Mecca who confounded Jesus with their idols.

The explanation of this verse of the Qur’an XIX; Mary 88-92 is found in chapter 2 of “Look of Faith at the Qur’an”, under the title “The Messiah and His title of Son of God”. To read mainly from the paragraph that begins as follows: “How do we understand what the Qur’an reveals in the following Sura about God’ unity: “Say: ‘He is God, Unique…’” (Qur’an CXII; True Devotion, 1-4).

Verses 88-92 of the Sura “Mary”, like verses 1-4 of the Sura “True Devotion”, refer to the pagans of Mecca regarding mythological gods and their imaginary sons; these verses aim not at Christians regarding the Messiah. Read more of the text indicated.

So the verses 88-92 of the Sura “Mary” is not aimed at Christians, but the (polytheist) idolaters of Mecca, since God chose Mary TO HAVE A SON FROM HER, who has no Father but the Unique God.

Such is the testimony inspired by God in the Gospels too. Moreover, the Qur’an comes as a confirmation of the Gospels (Qur’an IV; Women, 47). Any Qur’anic interpretation that does not confirm the Gospel and the Torah invalidates the Qur’an, and there is indeed reason to put an end to God’s patience and “the heavens will nigh convulse, the earth -because of this fallacious interpretation- is split asunder…” as the Qur’an expresses in the verse you quoted.

Some believe that God “has taken to Himself a son” in adopting Jesus after His birth, as He did with the prophets after their births. Yet this is not the case and provokes God’s anger after all He has patiently explained in His Holy Revelation concerning the birth of His Messiah, whether in the Bible or Qur’an. Here is why the “heavens nigh convulse” because of the incomprehension of some people with an obtuse mentality, incapable of grasping the divine intention. Because God in the Qur’an, clearly reveals that He created Jesus’ Body “with His Word put into Mary’s womb” (Qur’an III; The House of Imran, 45). He did not do so with any prophet but Jesus. Why? Because Jesus, He only, is the Word of God, His only Son through Mary who remained virgin. Therefore, “The Lord of Mercy has not taken to Himself a son” in coupling physically with a partner, as the polytheists understand, who deserve God’s wrath (see Qur’an VI; Cattle, 101).

Jesus has no other Mother but Mary, nor another Father but God. The One who has God as Father is of God, the Son. We must be logical, not fanatical, nor closed to the divine intention if we do not want to merit the just wrath of the Divine Judge.

Let us say who is the Mother of Jesus.
Let us say who is the Father of Jesus… according to the Qur’an of course.
Let us say whom Jesus is the Son of, who are both his parents, always according to the Qur’an.
Let the one who can, understand!

God’s just anger cracks the heavens open and comes down on those who refuse to grasp the divine intention and insist on making the Qur’an a contradiction to the Gospels.

Why do you say that Jesus is God?

Why do you say that Jesus is God?

It is the divine Revelation, and not us, that affirms that Jesus is God incarnate. We believe firmly in it. See our text: “The Divinity of Jesus”.

A letter written by a correspondent of the website and our answer.

Your site is very interesting, and I congratulate you for your attempt to unite Muslims, Christians and Jews towards the only religion accepted by God, which uses no clergy, El-Islam, ie Submission. I have been illuminated by the Book of the Revelation thanks to your site, a book I knew very little of, and I am beginning to believe more and more in the fact that the Beast is Israel. All seems to be in concordance; besides, I myself have seen passages from the Qur’an going in the same direction.

That said, a problem arises before my eyes in your belief in the fact that Jesus is God, or God incarnate, and that Pierre2 has seen Jesus attesting to him that he was Son of God! Whereas God himself says that we must not associate to Him a Son! Should I believe in what God revealed, or in a probable optical illusion, or satanic?

Do I find myself facing some people who idealize the created instead of the Creator, Jesus and not God, as the Sunnis do with Mohamed and as others do with their idols?


Dear Correspondent,

We understand your “reticence” and the “problem that arises to YOUR eyes”, but not to ours. Those that “idealize the created instead of the Creator” do not have a place amongst us: We refer you to the text “A Look of faith at the Qur’an”, chapter 4.2; The Messiah and His title of Son of God and chapter 4.3; The Messiah’s Divinity. We rightly speak therein of “what God has revealed”, to what we all “submit”, to what the holy Qur’an came to confirm. “Probable optical illusion or satanic”, or rather squinting of the eyes and total blindness of those who turn their backs on the evidence revealed, and attach themselves to their own opinion and human philosophy. This is not our concern: We testify!

Our testimony bothers a lot of people. We are not here to please, nor to be diplomatic and yield to compromises… but often to bother and… irritate the unbelievers. You “do not know who you are facing”. It’s obvious!!!

We know, as for us, before whom we find ourselves. We wish you good research and good outcome. It is useless to answer before having read well. If you don’t agree, we say to you: “Farewell”.

Site Pierre2

PS: The events will show, after the fall of the Beast, that we are right. “Everyone will then see who is the Messiah” (Revelation 1,7).